Lady Gaga's dog walker is asking for financial help months after being shot as kidnappers took the pop star's French Bulldogs.

Recently, Ryan Fischer left Los Angeles after recovering from his gunshot wound to embark on a 6-month trip across the country.

He drove a 1991 Ford Falcon broke down, leaving him stranded and with no other place to go.

Fischer described his trip how there were times he felt "scared, lonely, abandoned and unsupported."

He went on to say he also experienced "depression, doubt and self-pity."

Fischer revealed he doesn't just have a car or an apartment, but even his savings has now run out. Now, he's trying to survive with donations from his "loved ones."

He also launched a GoFundMe page to raise funds to buy a new van and fund his travel expenses so he could finish his journey.

The campaign was able to raise $2,283 as of writing, out of the $40,000 goal, per TMZ.


Fans are calling out for Lady Gaga to help Fischer travel his expenses.

One Twitter user said, "$40k is a drop in the bucket for someone who almost died for your dogs. Do the right thing, @ladygaga. Help him out. Please."

Another person tweeted, addressing the singer, "Maybe help him out then? Dude almost died for them. And he's struggling."

Meanwhile, others believe that Fischer is doing this for himself not asking the singer for more money.

"Gaga I'm sure has done enough and more."

Lady Gaga's Dog Walker and Shooting Recap

In Feb., Ryan Fischer was walking the "Poker Face" hitmaker's dogs, Koji and Gustav, in the Hollywood area when men hopped out of the white Sedan behind them.

Fischer was held at gunpoint and demanded he handed them the two dogs. However, he tried to fight the suspects before one of them shot him.

The horrifying encounter was caught on CCTV footage that immediately sparked a nationwide search for the suspects.

He personally talked about his ordeal on Instagram, claiming that he was readmitted to the hospital after being originally discharged. It was found out that he needed a portion of his lung removed because of the tragic incident.

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Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, put out a $500,000 reward for her two French Bulldogs to be returned. Thankfully, an unnamed woman returned them to the police, and she rewarded them.

However, that same woman was later arrested with four other people connected to the crime.

Several days after the incident, the "Telephone" singer released a statement thanking Ryan Fischer, even calling him a hero.

"I continue to love you Ryan Fischer, you risked your life to fight for our family."

Meanwhile, Fischer was rushed to the hospital after his gunshot wound. He stayed there as doctors treated him.

During that time, a friend launched a fundraising campaign to help pay his bills. The campaign was able to reach more than $7000.

Lady Gaga also helped pay for Fischer's hospital expenses.

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