DJ Squeak, the producer of Pivot Gang, has died. He was 26.

Multiple news outlets confirmed this week the passing of only 26-year-old DJ Squeak.

The music artist's representative delivered the news to Pitchfork. The website, however, did not release the entire message nor disclosed the cause of his death.

In latest update, the Cook County Medical Examiner reported that the DJ, born Javunte Wheeler, was shot and died on Monday in Chicago's Austin area. Derion S. Hood, his uncle, was also killed in the shooting.
Both males were shot in the head by "an unknown criminal" and taken to a local hospital, where they died from their injuries, according to the Chicago Police Department. 

The incident occurred on the 5000 block of West St. Paul Avenue shortly after 12:30 p.m. Monday, according to police. 

Still, his fans took their time to honor his legacy and sent him heartfelt messages.

On Twitter, the DJ's supporters shared their own stories about the rapper, saying that the hip-hop industry just lost a vital chamber.

One fan said, "Squeak literally DJ'd my first solo event! He reached out to me and saw my flyer had no DJ and you reached out to me 2 days before and told me he'd do it. That meant the world to me I'm so sorry man I can't believe this."

"Squeak was absolutely one of the best DJs I knew I'll never forget when he played Almeda at Alulu my soul almost ascended thru the roof he just knew what a talent," another added.

DJ Squeak Left Great Memories

Before his death, he worked with daedae and Daoud in the Pivot Gang's production team. Since he started working with the group, the DJ continuously created music for the group.

He showed his talent even more after getting his first laptop and a copy of Fruity Loops at SXSW 2014.

During an interview with Elevator Mag in 2017, DJ Squeak named the personalities and musicians that influenced his music, including Do or Die, Twista, Crucial Conflict, and other artists from Chicago's West Side.

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He said, "I started to realize all of his hits had a certain rhythm to them, and it was just like something I studied and once I kind of perfected it, I realized, 'Ok, this is how people will know I'm from out West.'"

One of his latest EP includes the one with MFnMelo, "#EnRoute" this year. He also had the chance to appear on Pitchfork Radio from the Art Institute of Chicago. At that time, he gave preview songs from Pivot Gang's masterpiece, "You Can't Sit With Us."

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