Webbie, 35 suffered a medical emergency on stage, stumbling and collapsed during his most recent performance.

The "How You Ridin'" rapper was in the middle of his show at the 213 Lux Lounge in Virginia when he immediately rushed off to the stage and was later followed quickly by fans and members of his security team.

TMZ obtained the video of the rapper looking unwell and seemed to have been walking on very shaky legs towards the door. But just as he was about to exit, he quickly collapsed to the ground.

Immediately, staff surrounded Webbie and attempted to prop him. They later called 911.

Webbie needed to be lifted and carried out of the club before being driven to the hospital for medical care.

Rumors circulate that a seizure caused the Louisiana rapper's collapse, but his representative didn't confirm it. Currently, the cause is still unknown.

What happened to Webbie seemed to have come out of nowhere because eagle-eyed fans noticed that he seemed fine a few minutes before his unexpected health scare.

How Is Webbie Now After His Collapse?

The incident took place on Friday. But a few days later, a representative of the rapper stated the "Give Me That" rapper's status.

Per TMZ, Webbie is now stable. He was able to see a doctor and was given the signal to leave the hospital and go home to rest and recover.

However, even the medical experts aren't sure what caused Webster Gradney, Jr.'s terrifying on-stage collapse.

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Other Scary Moments with Webbie

In early August, another concert of Webbie took a dark turn when shooting in the parking lot left one injured and one dead.

According to reports, an argument reportedly happened between two groups outside the event and later escalated into a heated exchange with gunfires being heard.

A spokesperson explained at the time, "There were several parties shooting at each other across the parking lot."

"There was an active shooting going on before the officer basically engaged them. The whole parking lot is a crime scene."

In 2017, Webbie was arrested for allegedly holding his girlfriend captive and physically abused her.

Per WVLA, he reportedly hit his then-girlfriend with a closed fist, an open hand, and a belt.

Webbie also reportedly pinned her to the ground and pushed his knees into her throat so she couldn't breathe for a few seconds.

He was charged with aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon and second-degree battery, domestic abuse, false imprisonment, and criminal damage.

Webbie was also arrested in 2012 for battery and robbery.

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