Britney Spears' legal team is doing everything they can to oust her dad, Jamie Spears, as conservator. 

However, the person they want to replace Jamie has a dark past. 

In court documents obtained by Page Six, Jason Rubin previously filed a petition in early 2020 to become a temporary guardian and eventually the permanent guardian of his mother, Ida Rubin, due to mental health issues. 

The expert of forensics accounting requested being the sole guardian of his mother's estate and her person. 

An insider confirmed to the outlet that Jason's mom has a trust that was also in dispute, though the exact amount is currently unknown. 

Rubin's court filings cited that Ida suffers from "paranoid schizophrenia and that her mental health was declining." 

However, his mother and his brother Mark objected to the request. Per Ida, she is entirely competent to handle her own medical and financial affairs. 

Jason Rubin later tried to prove his claims by giving call logs from the Las Vegas Police Department and incident reports from the security team in his mother's home that reportedly show her asking the officers to perform nonsensical acts. 

But Rubin didn't stop there. He also reportedly gave a doctor's certificate provided by Dr. Gregory P. Brown, who summarized the events he reviewed, which suggest the "presence of psychosis" in his mother. 

The records submitted to the court also said that Ida's "delusional beliefs" have placed her at risk of harm, not only to herself but to others as well. 

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More than a year of litigation, a judge overseeing the case decided to dismiss Rubin's petition based on the doctor's certificate - citing that Dr. Brown didn't and never conducted an in-person evaluation of Ida Rubin and only made his medical assumptions based on the Las Vegas Police's call logs and email exchange with her security team. 

The court documents cited, "[Dr. Brown] provided no facts and the record does not support that Ida's safety is in jeopardy."

"The police call logs state that Ida is 'ok but delusional' and that she is 'able to

care for [her] self and [that her] house was clean.'"

But if Jason Rubin wanted to fight for it, he most certainly can, per the judge. Rubin could refile the petition if he could obtain another doctor's certificate.

In July, Britney Spears' team requested that Rubin be named the conservator of the pop princess' multimillion-dollar estate, including almost $3 million in liquid assets about $57 million of real estate and investments.

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