A hospital system will look into the care of R. Kelly's doctor after he said that he gave STD treatment to the singer for free.

On Thursday, R. Kelly's doctor, Kris McGrath, appeared before the court and gave testimony about his 25 years of service for the singer. At that time, he revealed once-unknown details about the disgraced musician, including how he treated him for free while accompanying him during his parties and concerts.

His statement about offering the treatment for free called the attention of a Chicago-based healthcare system, saying that it will review the doctor in question.

Chris King, the spokesperson for Northwestern Medicine, said they will look into how McGrath treated his patients.

"Our highest priority is the health and safety of our patients," he told Insider. "Now learning this information, a review of patient care provided by Dr. McGrath will be initiated."

McGrath is an internist who also specialized in allergy and immunology. He has been a registered physician in Illinois since 1980. As of the writing, his records remain clear and show no history of the discipline.

Meanwhile, one of R. Kelly's accusers, Jerhonda Pace, said that a male doctor told her that she had herpes when she visited the singer's home in Chicago.

What R. Kelly's Doctor Said?

The physician's appearance in the court led to questions due to his statements.

According to McGrath, he first met R. Kelly in 1994 through patient Darryl McDavid. At that time, the singer reportedly experienced pain in his genital area and felt worried about having chlamydia.

The doctor added that he treated his other diseases, including genital herpes. Upon discovering the diagnosis, he reportedly asked him to inform women about the condition before having intercourse with them.

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Despite the advice and treatment, the singer reportedly suffered from severe and more usual herpes outbreaks. Throughout his 25 years of treatment, McGrath claimed he never received a payment from the singer.

R. Kelly, however, took him around the country and invited him and his wife to parties and dinners. They also often spent time together by performing music and visiting cigar bars.

He reportedly diagnosed him with a sexually contagious disease and suspected the singer's genital herpes as early as June 2000. Although R. Kelly underwent a test to detect the virus, the result came back negative at that time.

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