Eminem's family suffered a tragedy before his ex-wife attempted suicide.

According to reports, Stevie, the rapper's adopted child, and their biological dad passed away three years ago due to a drug overdose.

Stevie, known before as Whitney and has come out as non-binary, appeared to hit out at their family recently for not telling them about their dad.

The 19-year-old offspring's mom Kim had a brief relationship with their dad, Eric Hartter, before reconciling with Eminem and adopted Stevie when they were only a baby.

On Aug. 22, 2019, Eric died from a cocaine and fentanyl overdose following years of drug abuse.

He was reportedly found already unconscious in an deserted house in Detroit.

An official autopsy document obtained by The Sun, including the toxicology results, his death was ruled as an accident.

"Postmortem toxicology disclosed cocaine breakdown products and fentanyl within the blood. The combined use of these drugs increases the risk of sudden death."

News of Stevie's dad's cause of death comes after they posted a TikTok video early this month where they referenced Eric's death and confusion over their adoption.

They said, "He's not your real dad. You're adopted. No he is my real dad. You're my real dad right? Am I adopted?"

They further added, "I am your real dad. *gets sent an article of my biological dads death and shows my grandma."

"I'm sorry they wouldn't tell you about him."

The TikTok video has since been deleted, but it showed Stevie with eyeglasses, short hair, and a hooded sweatshirt pulled up over their head.

An insider close to Eric's family told The Sun that they will always love Stevie and welcome them if they ever wanted to know more about their birth dad.

Eric was a professional tattoo artist who had several run-ins with the police and battled drug addiction.

His crimes include felony contraband, and it happened several times that he even pleaded guilty and served time.

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Kim Scott's Suicide Attempt

Stevie's mom, Kim, attempted suicide last month, days after her mother, Kathleen Sluck, passed away.

In a heartbreaking 911 call obtained by Page Six, family and friends were desperate to save her life after finding her inside the bathroom in her pool of blood.

After feeling concerned, an unknown woman told the dispatcher she was checking in on Kim and claimed that she "just tried killing herself."

When asked by the dispatcher how she harmed herself, the woman said she doesn't know but described that "there's blood everywhere."

Kim also reportedly kept yelling while lying on the floor, "'Don't call the police, don't call the police.'"

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