Piper Rockelle, successful YouTuber at the tender age of 14, did not mince words when she addressed Pink, a music legend. She said in so many words that the singer needs to leave her and her mom alone presumably because her opinions are more or less unsolicited. 

The 14-year-old YouTube star fired back after the 41-year-old singer criticized her for wearing bikini and having her photos in said skimpy attire by her own mother. Pink lambasted her mom and said the adult must be exploiting her daughter. 

"The first thing I want everyone to know is that my mom doesn't make me do anything. Quite the opposite," Rockelle told TMZ Tuesday. "I'm a kid who had a dream, and my mom is amazing enough to help me live it out.

"I don't think Pink has ever seen one of my YouTube videos because if she did, she'd see it's just my friends and me having fun and acting like ourselves," she added. "The content we make is the kind of stuff anyone can watch," she further explained. 

Pink - nee Alecia Moore - first criticized the mom of the feisty teenager Sunday via Twitter, for allegedly exploiting her daughter by taking pictures of her in bikini.


Even if many of her followers agreed with her and recognized the good intention behind the heated words, some also claimed that she's oversteppiing her boundaries and saying things she might not personally know of. Her words got her own followers debating each other, with some siding with Pink and realizing the merits of her statement, and others claiming she was being too judgemental. Some even dragged other young YouTubers into the equation. 

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"OMG! Had to google her, the sexualized pictures of her in Google are horrifying! I did a double take of her age 13???And her mother takes these pictures of her?? Thank you Pink for bringing attention to this, hopefully is a wake up call to people in Hollywood and regulations," one wrote.

Another agreed, "Yes!!!!!!! And have you seen Coco Quinn?!?! Equally as appalling. It is so disturbing. I teach 5th grade and talk to my students OFTEN about how that behavior online is inappropriate and unacceptable."

Some naturally talked about how innocent they were back in their teenage years.

"My God. When I was 13 I was dancing to Backstreet Boys in my room and kissing my poster goodnight every single night. I grew up accordingly, not light years ahead of my time. Shame on the parents for allowing this. Anyone can be parents. Scary world!" a commenter chimed in. 

But those who could not see why Pink is being so harsh questioned why being in a bikini is so bad. Especially when the teenager is actually in the waters. "Why do we shame people for that? Pictures of teenagers in bikinis having fun are not sexual. They're only sexual if you view us that way," one said, making a valid point.

There are no right party here though, but everyone seems to be misunderstood. The mom in question did not hit back at Pink though. She just said she is just a supportive mom who wants her daughter's dreams coming true.

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