July 18, 2018 / 11:31 PM

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P!nk Forgets Lyrics To ‘Who Knew’ At NYC Concert, And Still Brings Down The House

P!nk recently forgot the lyrics to one of her biggest songs, 'Who Knew,' during a performance at the Madison Square Garden. Concertgoers revealed that the singer accidentally swore at the crowd.

P!nk Claps Back At Recording Academy President’s ‘Women Need To Step Up’ Comment

P!nk has responded to the Recording Academy president’s remark that women need to step up. She said that women have been stepping up since the beginning of time.

P!nk's Music Video 'Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken,' The Song She Sang At The Grammys, Is Out

Featuring her daughter Willow, Pink's music video showed a beautiful, emotional take on her new ballad 'Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken.' It's released a day after her heartfelt performance at the Grammys.

Lady Gaga, Pink & Sia Encourage Fans to Sign Electoral Petition to Deny Trump Presidency

Lady Gaga, Pink and Sia are taking to social media to encourage fans to sign an electoral petition that will deny Donald Trump presidency. The petition would prevent Trump from assuming the presidency in January.

Pink Gets Surprise From Celeb Crush Johnny Depp on Jimmy Kimmel

Pink can perform while hanging from the ceiling during the Billboard Music Awards but she is totally flustered when she met her celebrity crush Johnny Depp during one of the episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Pink to Release New Song 'Just Like Fire' This Month for 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' OST

Pink will release her first new single in nearly four years "Just Like Fire" on April 15. The track is set to appear in the upcoming Disney movie 'Alice Through the Looking Glass.'

Pink Slut Shames Kim Kardashian Instagram Selfie, Twitter Users Share Contradicting Photos

Pink decided to take a strong stance against the most recent nude selfie that reality star Kim Kardashian shared on Instagram earlier this week, calling out Kanye West's wife for using her body rather than her mind, talents, etc. to make a name for ...

Pink, UNICEF Team Up to End Childhood Hunger with New Fitness Bracelet

Pink may be known for her boundary-pushing pop music and acrobatic live performances, but now the "Just Give Me a Reason" singer is on a new mission: to help eliminate childhood hunger. On Monday (Nov. 30), UNICEF announced that Pink is the new ...

City and Colour Premieres 'If I Should Go Before You' Title Track off Forthcoming Album

Dallas Green has seen great success in the past few years recording under the name City And Colour and now he's back with a new album titled 'If I Should Go Before You,' the title track of which is streaming on Billboard now.

Pink Slams 2015 VMAs, Demi Lovato Takes Offense After 'Cool for the Summer' Peformance

Pink was not a fan of this year's MTV VMAs, and the "Just Give Me a Reason" singer is not apologizing for it. Earlier this week, the 35-year-old pop star spoke out against this year's ceremonies, saying they made her "embarrassed and sad." And ...

Pink, 'Ellen' Team Up for Peppy Season 13 Theme Song 'Today's The Day'

Ellen DeGeneres has a new song to dance to for the 13th season of her popular talk show, and it comes to her courtesy of P!nk. Ahead of the new start fate of Ellen, the "Just Give Me a Reason" singer teamed up with the comedian for a peppy, upbeat ...

Pink Slams Body Shamers in New Interview: "They Think Their Opinion Matters and Holds Weight"

P!nk may seem like a pop star with a rock hard exterior, but on the inside she still doesn't take well to criticism about her body. And, of course, the "Just Give Me a Reason" singer is fighting back. Today (May 13), P!nk opened up about her online ...

Taking Child To Pink Concert Not Bad Parenting Says NJ Judge

Taking a child to a concert can be a bonding moment for a parent and their kid. When the child is young, having the parent chaperon can be the only way that the kid is able to attend the show. This was called into question last year when a mother ...

Pink Owns Twitter Weight Trolls in Best Way Possible: 'Just Give Me A Reason' Singer "Happy" with "Squishy" Body

Pink has one thing to say to critics about her weight: there's more important things in the world and more of her to go around and love. Recently, the "Just Give Me a Reason" singer has been sporting a few extra pounds, and eagle-eyed Twitter users ...

Kelly Clarkson Says Adele's '21' Follow-Up Will Have a Country Influence

There are currently few details known about Adele's highly anticipated follow-up to 2011's 21. Fellow pop star Kelly Clarkson shared an interesting side note recently during a chat with the Wall Street Journal about the "Rolling in the Deep" singer's ...

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