R. Kelly received a new accusation again related to the alleged STD lawsuit in the past.

A woman, who reportedly contracted herpes from R. Kelly, appeared before the court on Friday to testify on the singer's sex-trafficking trial.

The witness, identified as Kate, told the New York City jury that she met R. Kelly in 2001 when she was 27. She alleged that she once told him about her worries about STDs, specifically AIDS, when they started having a sexual relationship.

Because of that trouble, she reportedly asked him to use protection. However, he refused to do so. This resulted in a lawsuit she once filed but immediately vanished after R. Kelly paid $200,000 to settle it in 2004 and clear his name.

Kate disclosed to Assistant U.S Attorney Elizabeth Geddes that R. Kelly was only tight-lipped when she found out she contracted herpes.

ABC News noted that it was the second time this week that the court heard testimony about R. Kelly giving someone herpes. The medical condition reportedly affected her ability to establish new relationships thereafter.

The disgraced R&B singer, for his part, has been denying all the allegations being thrown at him.

More Details During Friday Trial

On the same appearance, R. Kelly's lawyer Deveraux Cannick spent his cross-examination to debunk the claims that the singer created strict rules his girlfriends needed to follow.

According to Kate, the musician treated her differently. He reportedly let her go to the bathroom whenever she wanted to and never made her wait for him for long periods.

She also revealed that she helped him create song lyrics.

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Although she contracted the disease, Kate is not part of the charges that involve a nine-count indictment against a group of women and girls. However, she is among the accusers who testifies for the prosecutors.

R. Kelly's herpes diagnosis was also highlighted by his doctor of 25 years, Kris McGrath. The physician revealed that the singer experienced pain in his genital area and felt worried about having chlamydia.

After a few tests, he diagnosed him with genital herpes and asked him to inform women about the condition before having intercourse with them.

R. Kelly's trial will last until the court rests its case on September 13.

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