Late rapper Pop Smoke's resting place has reportedly been destroyed by vandals after smashing his crypt in New York.

TMZ reported that the vandals tried to take the casket out of the crypt by dragging it out. Drag marks were spotted on the ground.

Several eyewitnesses reportedly told security immediately after learning of the incident, with the security team unaware of the vandalism from moments ago.

On Sept. 11, pictures of the damage started making their rounds on the internet, showing how the outer wall of the mausoleum had been destroyed.

The exclusive pictures revealed how the entire grave site was a complete mess, with the debris scattered around it looking like it was burned. There were also discarded joints and flowers found at the scene.

The plaque that reads his real name, Bashar Barakah Jackson, was also cracked.

Unfortunately, it is not known who may have vandalized Pop Smoke's grave site.

Currently, the plaque was replaced with a blank slab and caution tape.


The "Dior" hitmaker was laid to rest in Mar. 2020 and fans gathered to attend the late rapper's funeral procession at the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.

Loyal fans of the 20-year-old artist aired their disgust on Twitter, expressing their anger at the vandals.

One person wrote on Twitter, "Why they vandalize Pop Spoke's gave? What kinda sicko tries to drag the casket out too?"

Another person tweeted, "Whoever vandalized pop smokes grave u need to go to hell."

A third person aired out their outrage on social media, saying, "You have to be an evil person to destroy someone's grave site. I can't believe someone really vandalized pop smokes grave and tried to drag the casket out."

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Theories As To Why Pop Smoke's Grave Site Was Vandalized

On Twitter, people have come up with theories about why they destroyed Pop Smoke's resting place.

According to several, it could be because of money.

One Twitter user said that perhaps those who destroyed the crypt thought that Pop Smoke was buried with cash and jewelry on his casket.

"Come on you know they checking the casket to see if they buried him with any jewelry."

The late rapper is known to love his diamond-studded blings and wasn't shy about showing it off.

At the time of his death, Pop Smoke was worth $2 million, thanks to his music albums and concerts.

Another theory could be because people are doing it for "TikTok clout," according to a second Twitter user. Many social media users would do just about anything to gain fame because it's the easiest form of earning money.

So it's not surprising anymore if people will see the content of how the criminals destroyed Pop Smoke's grave site on TikTok or any social media platforms.

Pop Smoke was murdered in Feb. 2020 after a group of five intruders invaded his Hollywood Hills home. They were late arrested in Jul. 2020.

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