5 Seconds of Summer is gearing up for another comeback as band member Ashton Irwin announces the exciting news on social media.

On September 16 at 5 AM Australian time, the drummer updated their fans about the band's plans on Twitter with a post asking, "Are you ready for a new 5SOS era?" Ashton's tweet has currently garnered the attention of over 70,000 people and will be surpassing 13k retweets soon.

The official Twitter account of 5SOS, which has almost 13 million followers, also interacted with the tweet as they hearted and retweeted the announcement.

  No official statement from the band's management team or label has been released, but fans are already buzzing about the possibility of a "new 5SOS era." The remaining members- Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Luke Hemmings have yet to respond or react to Ashton's tweet.

Fans React to the News

The majority of them reacted by screaming in disbelief like this one "HELP THIS IS MY FIRST ERA WITH YOU GUYS," and this "IT'S HAPPENING THIS IS NOT A DRILL."

  One fan repeatedly said an "I am but I'm not but I am but like I'm not sure that I actually am cause I'm not [to be honest] but I will be but not now" cycle in their tweet under Ashton's announcement

"Ashton watching us freaking out in the replies," a 5SOS fam tweeted and attached a low-quality screenshot of the drummer's bandmate, which is meme-worthy.

The tweet also received many responses from the international fan who expressed their excitement about the Australian band returning to the music scene as a group so soon after Luke Hemmings finished promoting his solo project.

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Luke's Solo Album

The band's frontman debuted on the number one spot on the Australian Recording Industry Association chart with his first solo album, "When Facing The Things We Turn Away From."

According to Daily Mail, Luke celebrated his achievement by acknowledging his supporters through social media. "Thank you to my friends, family, and to my entire team for making this possible and being patient while I changed my mind a million times," tweeted the artist.

Hemmings tackled his struggle with his fame and connecting it to his poor mental health. The singer admitted how he started battling it out with himself since becoming a public figure at a young age.

"The whole album basically revolves around trying to decipher the last ten years and all the things that are put on the back burner," the singer explained.

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