BTS and Coldplay are stealing everyone's spotlight after dropping their collaboration song "My Universe," but two specific members are getting more attention.

Two out of the three rappers in the band have become a trending topic on social media as ARMYs can't get enough of their part of the song. According to this article, the fanbase has been hyping up SUGA and J-Hope, more commonly known by their combined names "Sope," on Twitter.

After hearing the BTS featured song first time, the fandom immediately zoned into the Jungkook and V's low register singing, which they described as "heavenly."

The fans considered Chris Martin's opening part a masterpiece just as much as Jin and Jimin's perfectly pitched harmony, and RM, switching it up with his vocal verse. However, it was J-Hope and SUGA's rap transition that everyone got hooked.

BTS Fans React on Twitter

BTS' fans began live-tweeting their reaction as soon as "My Universe" dropped. The majority of ARMYs raved about the rapping unit's hidden vocals and comforting lyrics.


It seems like the rappers' verse had life-changing effects on ARMYs as some of them said, "Another sope transition that added 10 years to my lifespan" and "Inject the sope transition into my veins."

  "Every time there's a sope transition always gives me CHILLS," one fan claimed, which is similar to this statement by another Sope supporter "... IT'S SO GOOD! IF THERE IS SOPE TRANSITION IT'S JUST LEGENDARY & UNTOUCHABLE ALREADY."

While this person expected nothing less than greatness from Sope, "ONCE AGAIN HOSEOK AND YOONGI DID THE DAMN THING ONE AFTER ANOTHER. WE CALL THAT THE SOPE EFFECT."

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BTS' Lyrics Touches Heart

The fandom also highlighted the most important part of SUGA and J-Hope's tag-team part in the Coldplay song, which are the tear-jerking words that can be the light to guide you home.

This one fan tweeted out the English translation of the song, "Hobi saying 'the thing that lights me up are the stars that are embroidered with the love that is you' & Yoongi saying 'the hardships will end for a short while & for the meantime shine brightly just as you always do' sope's beautiful messages will always be engraved in my heart."

"Sope rapping 'because you're my star, my galaxy, because even this hardship right now is just temporary, always just shine as bright as you are now," said another fan. "We'll follow you & embroider this long night' one after the other just hits diff[erently]."

Sources reported that a former BTS collaborator had also given "My Universe" some love and attention. Halsey had updated her fans that she was listening to the song on Spotify through her IG Story.

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