The most awaited collaboration this season from two biggest acts, Coldplay and BTS, have unveiled their plans ahead of their new single, "My Universe."

"Two days until the release of 'My Universe' by Coldplay x BTS -- and we can tell Coldplayers and the ARMY are as excited as we are! Here are some #MYUNIVERSE dates for your diary," the Parlophone Records posted in their various social media with a flyer of the important dates.

And as stated in the said flyer, there will be three upcoming releases that fans of Coldplay and BTS should watch out for.

More On The Upcoming Single

The schedule came right after the South Korean and British groups released their clips on TikTok, where they were found in a studio harmonizing the song's chorus.

Chris Martin was also in the small room having fun along with the seven members of BTS, RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

On September 24, the single "My Universe" will be first released along with the official Lyric Video.

According to Billboard, the newest song will be sung in both English and Korean. In the said scheduler, by Sunday, BTS and Coldplay prepared a documentary that will be shared with the world by September 26, named "Inside My Universe Documentary." Later that day, a Supernova7 mix and acoustic version of the song will be also be revealed on Monday, September 27.

And lastly, the record label teased that there would be a "My Universe" music video. However, the release was only labeled "coming soon."

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The collaboration would be the second single lifted from "Music Of The Spheres" following Coldplay's comeback hit "Higher Power," earlier this year. They later shared the album's closing track "Coloratura," and confirmed they would soon be releasing "Weirdo" for a musical.

The latest collaboration that the two artists have come together was during the YouTube Originals series "Released." In that project, they gathered and talked about the septet's latest single, "Permission To Dance," and its dance challenge.

For the whole 18-minute episode of the web series, the boyband talked about the inspiration behind their latest single gifted for their fans ARMYs and the impact they brought to people worldwide through music.

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