Princess Diana is being portrayed in a musical titled "Diana: The Musical."

But does the world need another piece of entertainment about the late royal's life?

There's already a "Spencer" movie coming out early this week. According to rumors, Kristen Stewart, who is playing the late Princess of Royal in the film, is getting an Academy Award.

There's also a Diana Spencer in the hit Netflix series "The Crown," and we're going to see more of her life in the upcoming season.

But now, royal fans will get more with a musical about her life, and it will be from Netflix.

'Diana: The Musical' Details

The person behind the musical is Joe DiPietro. He is a playwright and a lyricist who worked in Broadway and Off-Broadway shows.

He already won several Tony Awards for different shows like "Memphis" and "Nice Work If You Can Get It Right."

Joe also garnered ten nominations for all of the work he has done.

The trailer of "Diana: The Musical," opens with the lights turned on as a woman sings three lines of a song, and the music suddenly stops.

The same woman pops at the center of the stage and says, "Hello, I'm Diana."

Per the musical's website, it would celebrate the life of Prince William and Prince Harry's life and legacy because, despite her death, she continues to shine across the world.

It starts with her engagement with Prince Charles when she was only 19 years old and then moves in another part of her life, including her difficulties in being part of the British royal family.

"Diana: The Musical" will also focus on her struggles and how she could fight it all to create her legacy now.

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What Critics Are Saying About 'Diana: The Musical'

Though this may seem to be created out of goodness and introducing Princess Diana to the world, critics are not receiving the music well.

In a review by The Guardian, who gave it a one-star rating, "This is a Rocky Horror Picture Show of cluelessness and misjudged Judy Garlandification."

"I can imagine masochists getting together for 'Diana: The Musical' parties, just to sing the most nightmarish lines along with the cast."

In another report by The Chicago Tribune, who also gave it one star, "' Diana: The Musical' is a hunk of Wensleydale cheese now streaming on Netflix, and in this case the 'r' in 'streaming' is optional."

On social media, people are saying so many awful things about the musical.

One Twitter user said, "If Diana wasn't dead before, this musical sure did the trick."

Another social media user said, "WHAT THE HECK did I just watch?!?!"

"To think, I was actually considering buying a ticket to this show! After seeing this cringey number, I'm not sure I'll even watch it on Netflix for free!!"

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