Blake Shelton proved that he and Gwen Stefani are living their happy marriage life together amid breakup claims.

Since Shelton and Stefani got married, the couple also needed to deal with the breakup claims. Some news outlets made an issue out of their differences, while others suggested that they were having marital problems because of their works.

However, Shelton proved them wrong and showed the public how closer they got to each other.

On Sunday, the 45-year-old country singer marked Stefani's birthday with an Instagram post. It featured a photo of them at their wedding.

"Happy birthday to my better WIFE!!!! I love you @gwenstefani!" Shelton captioned the post. Meanwhile, Stefani left a comment on the post and said, "love u x."

Meanwhile, the 52-year-old singer expressed her gratitude toward her husband, friends, and family, who prepared sweets and presents for her birthday.

In one of her birthday videos, she focused the lens on Shelton and uttered, "That's my husband."


The recent event debunked all the negative claims surrounding their marriage.

What News Outlets Suggested About Shelton, Stefani's Romance

In the past months, multiple news outlets released negative reports about the duo.

National Enquirer once alleged that they were on the verge of breaking up when they made separate plans in the upcoming months.

"It's the first significant amount of time they've had a part in years, if ever, and the strain is already showing on their faces," a source claimed.

The same news outlet said that the married couple was "struggling to find common ground" regarding their political beliefs. They reportedly began disagreeing on a lot of things in the past months.

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The most recent claim accused Shelton of pressing Stefani to leave her career in Hollywood. Per Life & Style, the country singer wanted her wife to give up the spotlight and move permanently with him in Oklahoma.

For what it's worth, Shelton had been openly talked about residing at his ranch and called it the perfect place to start their lives as a married couple. Since Stefani could not live away from her family, her husband reportedly suggested renovating his guest houses where her family could live.

These reports, fortunately, were something that needed to be taken with a grain of salt. With Shelton and Stefani's growing love lives, it is highly unlikely the two would break up soon.

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