BTS Jin finally revealed the truth on how he was able to guess the "carbonara" word in one of their games.

In the most recent episode of "Run BTS!" the members were asked to recall and revisit one of their reality show's past episodes. One of their fans' choices included the "Golden Bell" episode.

The aforesaid scene featured the BTS members playing the Whisper Game, where they had to guess some words while listening to loud music. In one part, Suga passed "carbonara" to J-Hope, who successfully said it to Jimin.

However, the group's dancer did not get it and said "lajimolala" instead.

Jin, who was assigned to give the final answer, successfully said "carbonara" despite Jimin's "lajimolala."

BTS eldest member then revealed how he was able to guess that, saying that he looked carefully at the shape of Jimin's mouth.

BTS Saying Goodbye - For Now

Following the release of the new "Run BTS!" episode, it has been revealed that the series will be put on a hiatus. Its comeback date remains indefinite.

Weverse first announced the saddening news, saying that the series will take a break after six years.


"Since the first broadcast in August 2015 after being a source of strength and laugher for over 150 episodes Run BTS will be taking a break," it said, as quoted by Koreaboo.

It will offer episodes 154 and 155 before the scheduled break. However, ARMY expressed their disappointment and sadness over the absence of the series soon.

One fan said, "IM SOBBING because tonight will be the finale part 1 of run bts no more exciting Tuesday after this."

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"RUN BTS is the best show for ARMY but it's also a breather for BTS. They've created many memories w/ the show & like V said, dalbang is loved by army but they also have fun filming as well," another wrote. "Thank you for creating this show. We will run with you for a long time!"

However, the group assured that they will be back soon by saying, "The last page of the finale does not mean the end."

For now, fans can tune in to the upcoming Season 2 of "BTS iIn the SOOP" starting October 15. It already released teaser photos and videos to invite more fans to watch the new show's installment.

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