BTS Jin Hits New Milestones With 'Jirisan' OST 'Yours'

Genres 20:19PM EDT

BTS Jin reached a new milestone after sharing his talent to sing the OST of "Jirisan," titled "Yours."READ MORE


BTS Jin Reveals Truth On Hilarious Mystery of 'Carbonara' During Whisper Game

Genres 22:11PM EDT

BTS Jin finally revealed the mystery of "carbonara" and how he successfully guessed it right in one of the group's games.READ MORE


BTS Jin Leaves Fans Speechless Over Bold Statement Against Agency

Genres 21:13PM EDT

BTS Jin left the fans surprised with his bold and powerful remark against the band's agency.READ MORE

BTS Makes it on Top Hits for Billboard Global 200, Beats BlackPink

BTS Breaks Tie with BlackPink, 'Butter' Tops Billboard Global 200

Buzz 22:27PM EDT

With its now hit song "Butter", BTS has once again made it on top of the Billboard Global Top 200 chartsREAD MORE

Music group BTS accepts the Top Social Artist

10 Things to Know About BTS, the Kpop Sensation Who Won Billboard Top Social Artist

Exclusives 11:01AM EDT

Who is BTS? The Kpop boy group won the Top Social Artist during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards show beating out Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendez by a huge margin. With many curious about this seven member group, we've compiled quite a list of information about BTS for you!what you need to know about BTS!READ MORE

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