Liam Payne admitted that he doesn't want his son to have any part in the entertainment world, but the toddler has been showing interest in the music industry more recently.

Having two musically talented parents, it's no shocker that Bear Payne has a few skills up his sleeves. The celebrity said that their son had the singing and dancing ability that rival his popstar mom and dad, but the possibility of his little one stepping into the spotlight "scares" Liam.

Daily Mail reported that the former One Direction member reveals how co-parenting his showbiz-enclined four-year-old with his ex-girlfriend, Cheryl, has been so far.

Liam Worries About Bear Payne

On Friday, during a recent interview with Heart Radio, the 28-year old father confessed that having such a talented son frightens him due to his current stardom status.

"I mean, it scares me a little bit because I know what that can do to you, and in certain places with things," Liam confessed. Being a famous singer himself and knowing the ins and outs of the industry, it's understandable that Payne would have his reservations about letting his son enter the same field, as the source reported.

However, the celeb reiterated that he would support Bear with whatever career path he chooses and would never stop his little one from doing what he "absolutely loves." The "Strip That Down" singer also shared one instance when he and Cheryl discussed their son's skills.

  The co-parents had the same view in that they prefer if their son lived a normal life. The two jokingly said that they "really don't want [Bear] to be famous" to Payne's dad, who sarcastically replied that they are doing a "great job," seeing that the little one was already grooving and moving to the music.

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Liam Payne's Talented Son

The musician then proceeded to tell a cute story about Bear's passion for music overpowers his need for sleep, as he recalled the moment Cheryl found their son up late at night to record a song.

"It was about 9 'o clock and [Bear] was supposed to be asleep. He'd set his iPad on the floor, and you could see the little red line going, and [Cheryl] was like, 'What are you doing?' and he was like, 'I'm recording a song, can you not see?" the artist said.

The ex-lovers welcomed their baby boy back in 2017. The two were together for two and a half years but decided to stop dating and just be co-parents in June 2018.

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