One of The Wanted's vocalists, Tom Parker, recently revealed in his new documentary "Tom Parker: Inside My Head" that he is suffering from an aggressive type of cancer.

In the new Channel 4 documentary in aid of charity program "Stand Up To Cancer," Parker went into tears as he admitted how he felt upon being diagnosed by the doctor, per The Daily Star. 

During his visit to the hospital alone, the doctor told Parker that he had a grade-four glioblastoma, for which he said, "the worst brain cancer you can have."

The documentary showed the celebrity organizing a fundraising concert to give awareness and funds for those suffering from the same diagnosis as his.

Parker also shed light on the lack of experimental drugs available on the National Health Service, where he wished everyone to have access and afford the latest cutting-edge treatments.

Parker's Response On His Recent Status

Based on what was reported by the said source, his inoperable tumor requires extensive radiotherapy treatment along with chemotherapy. The star also had access to new experimental drugs and immunotherapy from private healthcare, for which they have succeeded in reducing his brain tumor.

The "Glad You Came" singer claimed, "Scared is an understatement. I was petrified." He further stated that he could not stop thinking about death and added it is "the honest truth." The documentary, later on, showed Parker lying down on his bed, weeping on his hands, saying, "It's so hard to think about the future, because I genuinely don't know what it holds any more."

More from the vocalist's pains while cancer is on his body, he admitted that he's struggling using his hands and legs. In addition to that, his short-term memory is also suffering, which he stated, "It's terrible, it drives me insane."

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With A Ray Of Hope

The 32-year-old also described his experience from the general prognosis for glioblastoma as "not amazing." He explained, "I don't know if you'll really know how you feel about death until you're faced with it."

And The Sun's report confirmed that the vocalist has gone over six rounds of chemotherapy and 30 radiotherapy sessions that made him set on that he can beat his terminal illness within five months, in March 2022.

The publisher also mentioned that Parker discovered his illness in 2020, weeks before his wife was due with their second child, Bodhi.

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