Haley Williams decided to close all of her social media accounts for personal reasons, but some of her fans think it was a hint that Paramore will be releasing a new album soon.

The band's frontwoman officially announced her intention to quit social media on October 8 after archiving her existing Instagram posts. Williams uploaded a single, captionless post regarding her stand on the matter.

The starlet realized that she's "been on the internet" for too long to the point that she started to "crave connection" from everyone. "Connection is and will always be part of my job (thankfully)," Hayley wrote, "As for my own personal experience with social media, I just don't want it anymore,"

NME reported that not only did she wiped her IG clean, but Williams had simultaneously deactivated her personal Twitter and finsta (fake Instagram) accounts.


Hayley VS Social Media

Based on her statement, the starlet had considered her decision for nearly a year and finally pushed through with it.

The "Still Into You" singer revealed that her "desire to move away" from social media was nothing more than her "interest in keeping a boundary between public and private life." She also declared "wanting to spend more time looking up and out... rather than down," as holding and looking down to your phone throughout the day can make you miss the things going on around you.

Williams ended her announcement by saying there's no judgment to others who enjoy using the internet, but she considered her post a sign for those thinking of quitting social media to follow her lead and just do it. According to Entertainment Tonight, the celebrity will continue to update the fans through Paramore's official accounts and pages.

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Hayley Williams Shocks Fans

Fans of the musician flooded her post with supportive comments, but it's clear to say that the majority of them did not see this coming.

Everyone thought it was a marketing move for a new album similar to how this person tweeted out, "Hayley Williams archived all of Instagram posts?????? New music?????? 6more????????"

"Waiting for an article the says' Haley Williams frontwoman of Paramore pulls a Fiona Apple and deletes her social media accounts mid rumored sixth studio album recording," one user wrongly guessed.

After the news came out, everyone began jokingly posting memes "Thought Hayley Williams archived all of her posts because Paramore was releasing new music but she's just quitting social media,"

Another fan disappointedly tweeted, "This is me believing Hayley Williams erased all her insta pictures because she will upload new music or a d new album was coming and not because she was going to deactivate and erase all her social media,"

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