The R&B singer Emani 22, who died at the age of 22, was remembered by rapper Bhad Bhabie. 

It's still unknown how Emani - whose full name was Emani Johnson - died, although there have been reports of a vehicle accident. 

Representatives have been contacted by for comment, to no avail yet.

She had 147k Instagram followers under the username @lonebrain when she dropped her debut album last year. 

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In a poignant homage on Tuesday, Bhabie, whose actual name is Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli, wrote that she has no idea what to say because she's still shocked by the turn of events. 

"I used to spend almost everyday with you. You taught me so many things. You are my inspiration for many things (hair,nails, style, etc) my big sister. I'm gonna miss you so much," she wrote.

Instagram user @alannatheballer, a close friend of the singer, also paid homage with a series of photos. 

"'My heart hurts so bad. i love you so much emani. i'm so sorry this happened to you," the message read. 'You didn't deserve this at all! you were such a light to so many of us," her caption further said.

Earlier this year, Emani 22 released her debut studio album, The Color Red, via streaming services. 

Sincere Show, a Facebook friend, also offered her respects by posting the the fact that the last thing she expected to hear was that Emani passed away. 

"I never question s**t but this is crazy like why her I cannot believe this Rest In Peace #Imani @lonebrain," she also said. 

In an interview with VoyageLA in 2018, Emani discussed her love of music-making and how she uses it to write about her experiences and feelings. "I love making music and with my music, I write about things I go through and things I feel. I want to show people that and I want them to feel from it as well," she gushed then. 

A part of her goal is to encourage listeners in new ways. "I want to inspire my listeners in ways they've never felt before. I want to show people how I see things - how I hear them. I put my passion in my writing and my music and it's all important to me, from every beat down to every last hum," she added.

Her IG photos are now full of tributes and fans expressing their grief as well. 

Emani Dead at 22
(Photo : Emani Instagram)
Fans express grief.

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