BTS V has nothing to hide, and that was what he showed during the KIAF.

Far from what the initial reports claimed about V's dating status, the K-pop idol actually looked free and relaxed during the KIAF this year.

On Thursday, an internet user uploaded pictures of the BTS member from the Korea International Art Fair (KIAF) 2021 on an online community. The same fan explained that V freely walked by himself during the fair and interacted with his fans.

"A lot of regular people took photos of him. V originally liked going to art exhibits so he was seen often at such events," the user said.

This resonated with another fan-made post on Twitter, showing all proof that the K-pop idol remains singer as of the moment.

For what it's worth, a Korean fan shared several points proving V is only friends with the Paradise Group chairman's daughter. Before the KIAF 2021, BTS has performed multiple times at the Paradise Hotel, leading them to establish a close relationship with the owner of the business line.

The same fan questioned why the K-pop idol would bring his girlfriend - if he has - to a place where people gather. Meanwhile, as for the bracelet V always wear, the fan insisted that the idol bought it for himself or received it from a friend. The jewelry in question is from Peakpick, where most K-pop idols' jewelry comes from.

There were also photos from the recent event where the BTS member walked alone.

HYBE Labels, V Reacted To Dating Buzzes

Since the one photo where V stood beside Paradise Group's daughter went viral, both HYBE Labels and V broke their silence and set the records straight.

The agency has since denied the speculations and dating rumor, saying that V and the Paradise Group's heiress are only friends. It also asked the fans to avoid creating groundless reports that could affect their artists.

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Meanwhile, V offered the most savage response yet by referencing BTS's diss track, "UGH." He posted on his Weverse account how he wants to sing the track - which is part of their fourth studio album, Map of the Soul: 7, that expresses disgust toward other people.

He made a follow-up post, saying, "In my dream tonight I'll shoot poison at the back of their necks. Watch the back of your necks."

With those statements, fans asked those who caused the dating scandal to go viral to stop pestering V and BTS members.

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