Tekashi 6ix9ine's Spotify account was reportedly hacked over the weekend as unknown people suddenly filled the page's content with NSFW content.

The 25-year old made headlines as articles featured his name all over the internet. According to NME, 6ix9ine's Spotify account was suddenly under the "Not Safe For Work" category in a blink of an eye as a hacker replaced his biography and photos with something inappropriate for casual viewing.

Not only was the account filled with nudes and vulgar words, but it also mentioned rappers Trippie Redd and Lil Durk, which caught everyone's attention.

6ix9ine's Publicity Stunt

"I grew up wanting to be like Trippie Red and Lil Durk. I'd let them hit my girl and my mom. My pussy stank I came from the sewer. Wack 100 my boyfriend and he secretly crip," the artist's hacked Spotify bio had read.

  The publication reported that the "GOOBA" singer did not have a civil relationship with the musicians mentioned. 6ix9ine was known to have "beef" with many people, including the strangers he had publicly fought with at a Las Vegas Ultimate Fighting Championship event just a few months ago.

Based on this article, an audience member triggered the fight by taunting the rapper and getting physical by throwing the drink that he was holding. The celebrity retaliated immediately, throwing his own drink at the assailant, but reportedly exited the premises unscathed and without charges.

6ix9ine's Spotify was returned to normal very quickly. However, the hacker's identity has yet to be confirmed, and some fans are already spreading rumors that the artist himself did the stunt.

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Netizens React to the News

Most netizens come into the music streaming platform to check out the singer's account after reading "BRO WHO HACKED 6IX9INE'S SPOTIFY" all over social media.

"Don't check out 6ix9ine's profile on Spotify. Worst Mistake of my life," warned a fan while others just seem to bypass all the red flags and regret their decisions later on like this person who tweeted, "I just saw 6ix9ines Spotify... and I wish I didn't" and

  One user speculated that the rapper had self-sabotaged himself with bad publicity for some streams, saying, "Let me find out 6ix9ine is behind all this and did it to get more streams on Spotify." Some of them can't keep their jokes to themselves as this person even applauded the hacker. "Shout out to the person that keeps hacking 6ix9ine's Spotify," and this tweet is encouraging them to commit actual crime saying, "whoever hacked 6ix9ine's Spotify needs to hack that card number next too."

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