Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, might soon be the richest Black man in America after legally changing his name according to reports.

According to projected reports by Bloomberg, as reported by Yahoo! Finance, the rapper's upcoming earnings might be in the $6 billion to $7 billion ballparks.

However, a previous Forbes fact check found out that Ye's net worth is not as big as that as he's currently worth around $1.8 billion.

The outlet noted that Bloomberg's estimation was based on "theoretical future expectations" regarding the rapper's deal with Gap could yield.

Kanye West Officially Changed His Name To 'Ye'

The "Donda" rapper recently made headlines after legally changing his name to "Ye." His new legal name does not include a middle or last name.

He filed the petition in August, and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michelle Williams officially approved it less than two months later.

According to Billboard, Ye has been using his shortened name for years now, and it served as the name of his eighth studio album released in 2018.

In a previous interview after releasing his record, the rapper mentioned that the word "Ye" was a biblical reference that means "you."

He later tweeted. "Who or what is Kanye West with no ego? Just Ye."

In the petition, the rapper only stated that he's changing his name due to "personal reasons." At the time of this writing, his legal team and representatives have not given more information about his approved petition.

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Ye's Recent Appearance Draws Attention

According to the Daily Mail UK, the rapper was recently spotted at JFK Airport in New York, where he can be seen sporting a "caucasian prosthetic mask."

Aside from his unusual mask, the rapper wore a black leather jacket paired with acid-washed pants and a pair of boots that resemble crocs.

Ye also debuted a new haircut which confuses fans. Taking to his Instagram account, the rapper posted a picture of his head that appears to be partially shaved. (check out the video below)

"watch people start cutting their hair like this now..." one fan commented.

"Wtf is this cut brah..." one wrote.

"which barber needa be sued?" another fan wrote.

"I guess this is the new vibes. But im sure none of my clients will ask for it," one joked.

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