Fans in the recent years have began expressing a fervent hope for a One Direction comeback after the band split in 2015. Many fans had hoped that the band's 10-year reunion anniversary last year would be the beginning of their comeback, but that was not to be.

Following rumors of a hidden reunion, the chances of 1D reuniting before the end of 2021 have improved. However, things have just shifted - and not in a positive way. The red carpet premiere of Marvel's latest film, Eternals, took place in Hollywood, Los Angeles, this week and this was taken as a sign that no reunion will happen, primarily because of Harry Styles.  

The moment the credits rolled, several US journalists began tweeting about a new character in the franchise: Styles. 

"Big reveal from #TheEternals premiere - Harry Styles has joined the MCU as Eros, brother of Thanos," Variety film reporter Matt Donnelly tweeted online. 

As of right now, there is no confirmation of this story, but many knew it would would be catastrophic for the band's chances of reuniting. 

And Alex Apati from Ladbrokes says that this is terrible news for Directioners everywhere. "It's bad news for Directioners all over the world and if the latest Harry Styles rumours are to be believed, then it could be some time before we see the band back togethe," he said.  

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Harry Styles will be so busy it will be impossible to fit a reunion in. "The singer-turned-actor's schedule is only getting more hectic, and the odds of a sensational 1D reunion have taken a massive hit as a result," Apati explained. 

According to Apati, Styles would have to devote a significant amount of time to One Direction if the band were to reunite, which he cannot do if he has a hundred obligations to fulfill. 

If he's really a new villain in the MCU, he'll have to sacrifice a lot of his free time to keep up with the ever-expanding comic book universe.

Apart from fans being heartbroken about the possibility that Styles' acting career can get in the way of 1D reunion, many did not like the fact that Matt Donnelly did not even try to hide it first.

"Not trying to sound rude, but as a Marvel and 1D fan I wish that I could've been surprised when I watch it in theaters. Yes there have been rumors that he was in it but I would've liked to actually witness it myself then it get spoiled for me. Please don't spoil things!!" a fan said. 

"Legitimate question: why would you do this? People like the surprise of credits scenes. The movie isn't out for the general public. Why would you deliberately ruin the experience for a lot of people? I'm trying to understand the motivation. Was it for clicks? To be the 1st?" another fan asked.

"It's the fact the entire Marvel community is built on not spoiling the movie or shows and this just spoiled it for me. I would've rather have gone to the cinemas and squealed realising it was Harold," a third fan slammed.

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