Jesy Nelson appeared to have forgotten all about her ex-bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock as she enjoyed a wild night out with her pals, downing drinks after shots. Nelson was reportedly in a renewed feud with her former Little Mix bandmates  after she released her "Boyz' track, more so when the single was criticized for blackfishing. 

The split between Jesy and Leigh-Anne has been well documented since the publication of Jesy's debut track Boyz, in which the 30-year-old mother of two allegedly accused the singer of blackfishing in the sidelines, causing many others to follow suit in attacking the now solo artist.

Jesy was noticeable upset at first, given all the reports tht were written about it, but it appears now that she has moved on.

Jesy Nelson reportedly felt overwhelmed when instead of talking about her new music, it all became talks of her and Little Mix having bad blood. 

"It's all getting a bit much. The last thing she wanted was to be embroiled in a Little Mix vs Jesy feud," the insider said.

"The girls have been through a lot together and she truly believes everyone can co exist in the industry without the war of words," the insider added.

She appeared to have put the past behind her as she had a night out in celebration of the success of her debut single, as reported by Mirror UK. 

Jesy was surrounded by food and beverages as she posed for photos with her pals wearing a black beret, khaki minidress, and black lace-up boots. 

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As Jesy celebrates Boyz's meteoric rise to the top of the charts in over 30 nations, the gang raises their shot glasses one last time. 

With the caption "It's only the beginning," Jesy immediately garnered admiration from her followers on Instagram. 


One person was ecstatic: "You deserve all the love, I'm so proud of what you've achieved already and I'm so excited to see what else you achieve."

Others wrote that they are sure she can do so much more.  

"So proud of you and cannot wait to hear the rest of your music," one person said in the comments.

However, her follower count is also going down in the middle of this controversy. It was reported that she lost around 400,000 followers amid the "blackfishing" controversy. 

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