Huening Bahiyyih has been subject to criticism after making it to the final list of trainees to debut in a new girl group.

The Mnet's audition program "Girls Planet 999" concluded its search by choosing nine members to debut under Kep1er. During the final Completion Mission, the contestants performed the new song, "Shine." They also performed the show's theme song "O.O.O" and ballad "Another Dream."

From 18 trainees, only nine of them were chosen - Sakamoto Mashiro, Ezaki Hikaru, Seo Youn Geun, Kim Da Yeon, Choi Yu Jin, Kang Ye Seo, Shen Xiao Ting, Kim Chae Hyun, and Huening Bahiyyih.

What was supposed to be a victorious post-show turned into chaos as some fans of Kep1er slammed Huening Bahiyyih for making it to the group.

Per X Sports News, disappointed fans took to Twitter and said that the trainee did not deserve to debut. Some of them accused her of not doing anything, with others suggesting it is understandable that she gets bullied.

One fan even mentioned the "Girls Planet 999" official account and asked if it world pick the female trainee if she is not Huening Kai's sister. Instead of Huening Bahiyyih, they reportedly preferred Fu Ya Ning, Kawaguchi Yurina, and Kim Bo Ra to debut on Kep1er.

In addition, she reportedly does not deserve the No. 2 spot as there are several things she should improve. Although fans saw her potential, they suggested she should have been set aside as the female trainee looks like she is not yet ready to debut.

Kep1er Fans Defend Huening Bahiyyih

Amid all the hate comments, some fans also defended Huening Bahiyyih and said she won not because she is Huening Kai's sister.

One said, "Huening Bahiyyih does not deserve to be hated without sense, she is very young and they must protect her."

"It's time for the whole world to get to know her as Huening Bahiyyih, and not a celebrity's sister. She DESERVE," another added.

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The South Korean-American trainee has been under Play M Entertainment before appearing on the Mnet's survival show. Her sister, Lea, and brother, Kai, debuted as idols in South Korea.

Lea debuted under now-disbanded group VIVA in 2019, while Kai joined TXT in 2019.

Despite the backlash, Huening Bahiyyih will soon surely prove why she made it to the list.

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