The commission officially closed the case filed against BTS Jungkook over backdoor advertisement allegations.

Nearly a month after a citizen complained about Jungkook's improper promotion of goods, the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) closed the case through an official statement.

As published by Hankyung News, the FTC released the verdict that it cannot find anything on Jungkook's actions to prove that a backdoor advertisement happened.

"The most important aspect of a backdoor advertisement is whether or not he tricked his fans. However, he did not mention the brand at all, therefore, it's difficult to be acknowledged as deceiving his fans," the statement said.

On Wednesday, the commission officially dismissed the case and said there was no need for further investigation on the matter. The same document officially closed the complaint filed against the K-pop idol earlier this month.

The commission also noted that Jungkook did not violate any guidelines on products' labeling and advertising by wearing, showing, and mentioning the company of the brand.

Jungkook's Fans Celebrate Online

ARMYs quickly defended the idol and released messages on Nate's website against the citizen who filed the complaint.

Following the recent verdict, fans celebrated the triumph again and slammed the culprit behind the recent headache.

One fan uploaded a photo of Jungkook wearing a black T-shirt with his agency's name "HYBE" written on it. It then captioned, "Now antis be like :- Jungkook doing backdoor advertisement for Hybe. ohh Jungkook you are real SAVAGE KING, went at the right place to show it off & to slap them harder."

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"That's the power of jk.. Unfortunately some people are not happy when members of bts are doing great or helping many businesses to do well.. Just like what happened to the complain of so called netizen about his" backdoor issue," another wrote.

The complainant initially accused the idol of promoting his brother's fashion brand during his V Live sessions. He also uploaded a selfie wearing the shirt on Twitter and Weverse accounts.

In South Korea, it refers to the practice of Korean celebrities wherein they promote products without disclosing their connection to a specific company. The citizen claimed Jungkook caused an imbalance in the market economy where there should be a fair market for everyone.

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