Adam Levine was left shocked and irritated by a fan who crashed his supposed cozy "Sunday Morning" performance.

On Saturday, the Audacy's 8th Annual We Can Survive held its annual Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. The event featured several A-list musicians, including The Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, The Kid Laroi, Doja Cat, Shawn Mendes, and Maroon 5.

However, the latter group suffered from a short-lived "crash" when a fan went up on stage and grabbed Levine.

Adam Levine Grabbed By A Female Fan

In a now-viral TikTok video by user Luis Peñaloza, it can be seen that a female fan climbed up the stage and grabbed the singer while performing their hit song "Sunday Morning."

The video shows the singer visibly shocked, mouthing a foul word before shaking his body after the incident. A security on stage immediately gripped the woman's arm and took off her stage.

   @luispenaloza9525 Adam Levine was a whole mood yesterday #Fyp #ForYou #Maroon5 #AdamLevine #Hollywood #HollywoodBowl ♬ Sunday Morning - Maroon 5    

Despite the incident, Levine remained professional and continued singing.

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Some people called him out for showing "disgust" after the female held her. They also suggested he should be more humble with the band's fans. But Maroon 5's fans quickly defended the vocalist and said that the female fan should never did that in the first place.

One Twitter user wrote, "Are we really shaming @adamlevine for his reaction? Of it was reversed and a man jumped up on stage and grabbed a woman y'all would trying to cut off his head. You. Do. Not. Get. To. Touch. People. Without. Consent. Period."

"I've been to dozens of concerts over the past 3 decades- if the artists want fans on stage, the will invite them. This girl was not invited, she grabbed him while he was singing with his eyes closed," another added.

Not The First Ambush

It was not the first time a fan failed to contain her feelings and rushed to him on stage.

In 2015, another crazed fan freaked out and ambushed the stage while Levine was singing Maroon 5's "Sugar." At that time, the fan even went extreme and grabbed the singer around his neck.

However, far from his recent reaction, the singer put his arm around her while waiting for a security to help him. After the performance, he told the crowd how weird the incident was. The female fan even cut his ear with her fingernail.

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