Is TVXQ's most-awaited five-member comeback happening soon?

SM Entertainment introduced one of its best K-pop groups in history when it debuted TVXQ in 2003. The group immediately earned attention for their hit debut single, Hug.

After years of releasing more music both in Korea and Japan, the group hit a glitch in 2010 when SM Entertainment filed a lawsuit against JYJ - Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu - to validate their contract. In return, the trio submitted documents to the court seeking its approval to void their agreement with the agency.

After they left the group for good, Changmin and Yunho continuously promoted as TVXQ.

Now, over a decade since it happened, Changmin seemingly dropped a hint that the group would be back soon.

Will TVXQ Return As a Five-Member Group?

This week, Changmin surprised their group's fandom, Cassiopeia, when it liked an Instagram post featuring all members of TVXQ. The post in question showed photos of the OT5 taken during the early days of their career.

Surprisingly, when suspicions arose, they found out that it was indeed Changmin who liked the post.

Following the event, TVXQ OT5 trended online as fans hoped for the group to be completed again. They even appealed to SM Entertainment to remaster some of the group's songs, including "Whatever They Say."

One fan said, "my god yes. changmin liked posts about his friends whom he care. SAME GOES FOR TVXQ OT5 (dude he is in that pic)."

Another quoted what Changmin wished before, saying he would want to continue in TVXQ with the four members forever.

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"i'm ready for a tvxq comeback," another added.

However, the comeback buzzes immediately went away after Changmin unliked the post shortly after.

In addition, one fan explained that the K-pop idol is only active on Instagram and usually likes the post on his feed. He usually likes fanmade posts, as well, especially those that feature SM Entertainment's artists.

Although the comeback rumors have been immediately debunked, fans suggested that "SM will never have another group as perfectly rounded as TVXQ OT5." On Reddit, a user explained why no group would ever match their efforts. Although it named SHINee as a potential group to follow TVXQ's legacy, the same fan said TVXQ's balance and talent would always be the best.

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