Chris Daughtry and his family finally learned how his 25-year-old stepdaughter, Hannah, died.

A few days after Daughtry postponed his tours because of Hannah's death, the authorities determined how the 25-year-old died.

On Friday, the Nashville Police Department initially investigated after finding Hannah's dead body inside her home in the state. Her cause of death was not immediately made available, but the department assured that they launched an investigation into Hannah's tragic passing.

Over the weekend, the detectives reportedly ruled Hannah Daughtry's death as a homicide.

Multiple sources confirmed to a news outlet that Hannah's boyfriend, Bobby Jolly, was arrested and entered the Fentress County Jail a few hours after discovering the body.

As of the writing, law enforcement has not released a concrete statement yet on why they arrested him or if he only serves as a person of interest or a suspect in Hannah's death.

Still, district attorney general Jared Effler confirmed the death investigation launched by Fentress County.

Initially, reports about Hannah possibly committing suicide emerged. According to previous reports, her biological father died of suicide years ago. The October 2018 incident where she was shot in the face also came to the spotlight.

Chris Daughtry Devastated Over Hannah's Death

Following Hannah's death, Daughtry canceled her tours and jetted back to their home.

"Due to the unexpected death of Chris and Deanna Daughtry's daughter, Hannah, all currently scheduled shows for the coming week for Daughtry have been postponed," the singer's representative revealed to People.

The singer himself then spoke up about the sudden passing of his stepdaughter, expressing how devastated and heartbroken he is.

Through a Facebook post, Daughtry confirmed that her shows through November 16 had been rescheduled. He and his band were supposed to visit Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Friday after performing in Nashville, Providence, Maine, Niagara Falls, and Syracuse this month.

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He also said he is still processing the shocking news in the past few days.

"I just recently in the last week lost my mother to cancer but I was blessed with the chance to say goodbye and I was processing it privately. We never got to say goodbye to our precious Hannah and it's another huge hit to our family," he said.

Daughtry, for the last time, wished he could hold his daughter after her death to "ease the pain."

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