Little Mix is facing speculations about their status as a group, and netizens are starting to wonder if they're disbanding and going their separate ways as the remaining members respond to the rumors.

On November 18, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirwall released a joint statement regarding the circulating issue about the group's long-term hiatus. Pop Base on Twitter reported that the girls have decided to break their silence and finally address everyone.

"No matter what we do, Little Mix is forever. We'll always stick together. We'll always do things as a group. What we have is so special. We know that Little Mix as the three of us is so strong so we never want that to be over, ever," the trio stated in their announcement.

Little Mix Addresses The Rumors

The hiatus rumors came alongside the girls promoting their latest single, "Between Us," which marks the tenth anniversary of Little Mix as a group that debuted in 2011.

According to Express, Thirwall, Pinnock, and Edwards recently guested on the "Capital Radio Breakfast Show," where host Roman Kemp had interviewed them and asked if they are "on the cusp of breaking up," to which each girl responded with their thoughts mixed into it.

Thirwall jokingly said, "Oh you had to ask!" but firmly followed it up with her solid yet humorous reply of "Look, listen, Little Mix is forever isn't it."

Meanwhile, Edwards went on a different route and chose to clarify things by saying, "I think no matter what Little Mix do, whether we venture out individually, whatever we do, Little Mix is forever like Jade said. We'll always stick together, we'll always tour, we'll always do things together as a group, because, Little Mix is just, it's fire."

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Little Mix on Jesy's Departure

She continued to claim that she "never ever ever" wants Little Mix to be over even amidst losing one of their members, Jesy Nelson.

Nelson had also appeared on the show and admitted that she had "the most fun" with the other three girls while she was part of the band, and her departure wasn't about "leaving Little Mix behind" but instead not being able to handle the "pressure" of being in a girl group.

The publication mentioned that although Nelson exiting the group was a shock to them, the girls had no bad blood with her and were not "bitter" about her decision to start her solo career.

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