EXO Suho will be the next member to have his own family, one fan said.

On Nate's online community Pann, an EXO-L shared a poster where they claimed "EXO S-H" will get married next year. The K-pop group has two members with the initials - Suho and Sehun.

However, the same poster explained that S-H is not "the younger one." Thus, the fan directly talked about Suho and his expected marriage in February 2022.

It added that the K-pop idol would allegedly try to hold a ceremony on February 13 after his military discharge date.

Suho, on the other hand, seemingly debunked the rumors by posting a photo of him looking at sunset while the word "EXO-L" is written on the image.

Although there is no official statement that dismisses the claims yet, fans shared mixed reactions to the news. Some EXO-L told internet users to be happy with Suho and other members' decisions in the future, while others expressed their heartbreak over the thought of seeing him wed someone.


One said, "Omg, how dare you. I'm very upset. I'm disappointed Suho's getting married. How dare he get Married."

"If it's true that suho is getting married i am hella proud of him!! You go big guy, find yourself true love!!!!" another exclaimed.

EXO Suho Following Chen?

The thread surfaced after multiple news outlets confirmed Chen and his wife are expecting their second child.

Newsen first broke the news, with SM Entertainment dropping a statement to confirm it. The EXO member first announced his marriage in January 2020, four months before welcoming their first child in April.

The K-pop idol is currently completing his military service following his enlistment in October 2020. The identity of his non-celebrity girlfriend remains unknown. However, EXO-Ls have been spotted her attending EXO concerts as early as 2015. She also attended the idol's musicals and concerts, securing seats dedicated to exclusive guests.

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Other EXO members have dated other K-idols in the past years. For instance, Baekhyun shocked fans when he started going on secret dates with Girls' Generation member Taeyeon until they broke up months later.

Meanwhile, Kai has been bombarded with dating rumors with f(x) 's Krystal and BLACKPINK Jennie.

Other members - including Chanyeol, D.O., Lay, Sehun, and Xiumin - only talked about their first loves and non-celebrity girlfriends in the past months.

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