NCT united all its subgroups - NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV- for their new album this year.

On Monday, the official social media accounts of NCT dropped the first teaser image for the boy group's 2021 album "Universe." The photo features three connected escalators where all members lined up as they flaunt their visuals with blue, black, and white costumes.

However, eagle-eyed fans noticed that there are only 21 members on the image, with WinWin and Lucas missing on the portrait.

While most people asked why the two members were not on the teaser, some fans addressed the real reason behind their absences. According to a Twitter user, WinWin is currently busy with his acting project in China, while Lucas remains on hiatus following his scandal.

Despite the short but on-point explanation, people still trended WHERE IS LUCAS and WINWIN on the social media platform and left statements regarding the two's nonappearances.

Others also slammed SM Entertainment for not taking care of its artists.

One said, "winwin is busy filming his first debut on a Chinese drama called "Ru Yue" or "The Shadow" maybe yʻall can just accept that this benefits him more than having 2 lines in NCT 2021."

"I'm literally cry. where is Lucas and Winwin!? They not even gave us any notice that winwin and lucas are not past of nct 2021!" another exclaimed.

What Happened To WinWin and Lucas?

Before the scheduled comeback, WinWin and Lucas' fans already knew what happened to the two members.

NCTzens initially assumed that WinWin would debut as an actor after opening his studio in China. He has also been staying in his home country since March. Star News Korea and SM Entertainment representative confirmed the K-pop idol's plans in terms of his acting activities in China.

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Meanwhile, Lucas has been put on hiatus after Twitter user Ooooshiiim made allegations against the idol, saying he gaslit them and used them for money. Days later, several Chinese women made similar claims and shared screenshots to prove their statements.

Lucas has since apologized for his past behavior, while SM Entertainment decided not to include him in the group's current activities.

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