Is Keith Urban hiding a secret family?

The country singer, according to the National Enquirer, has a 20-year secret: he has two twin "sons" from a prior relationship.

After she featured in his music video "Somebody Like You" in 2002, Keith, whose wife is Nicole Kidman, characterized himself as a "dad" to supermodel Niki Taylor's sons Jake and Hunter while they lived together in Nashville.

Are they, however, his biological sons?

Jake and Hunter are not Keith Urban's biological sons, as their father was Niki's ex-husband, according to the National Enquirer.

But the "Blue Ain't Your Color" singer, according to his old pal David Dobson, has treated them both as his own.

David spoke to the National Enquirer, "Keith was telling me how he wasn't going to let 'his kids' use the computer or the internet. I said, 'They are not your kids, Keith. They are Niki's. they have a father. It's up to him to say what they can or cannot do.'"

The old pal reported that Keith insisted that the twin boys are his children that even asked him, "'Well, if they are your kids, what are their middle names?'"

That question reportedly shut Keith's "narcissistic a-down fast."

The National Enquirer was skeptical of David's allegations, but he showed proof in the form of a handwritten letter signed by the singer on the day of their alleged altercation.

The "God Whispered Your Name" apologized and called the twin boys "my boys" in the letter.

The letter further said, "You asked me if I knew what my two boys' middle names were and I didn't know. That hit home."

"I thank you for being my friend and pray that I am there to listen when you need a friend. Love Keith."


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David, who has already admitted to supplying narcotics to the singer, stated that after meeting Nicole Kidman in 2005 and being clean, he cut him out of his life.

Sunday, 13, and Faith, 10, are the children of the 54-year-old American-Australian and his Hollywood actress wife.

Keith has "nothing but respect" for the twins, who will turn 27 years old shortly, and they have "no sentiments of desertion" from him, they told the site, particularly after he cut them off after getting serious with Nicole.

An insider revealed, "There's no reason to think he's still in touch with his ex or the boys he once called his own."

Still, David's assertions and the National Enquirer's report should be taken with a grain of salt.

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