Looks like BTS is having an awfully fun time in Los Angeles!

Shortly after arriving in the city, members of the South Korean band attended a concert by former One Direction member Harry Styles.

J-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook of BTS released the photographs below of themselves with American artist Lizzo at The Forum in Los Angeles, California during the 'Love On' event. The four Bangtan members also posted a video of themselves singing along to "Falling" by Harry Styles. Much to our delight, Lizzo also posted photos of the cute encounter.

Fans were particularly taken with Jimin's admirable demeanor during the concert, which included being a perfect role model and being responsible for his and others' health, being courteous and polite to those he encountered, and doing his best to make BTS fans at the concert happy and have a memorable experience by interacting with them. Fans have been thanking him for his good efforts and expressing their joy.

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Throughout the pandemic, Jimin has been a strong advocate for taking measures, always encouraging people to wear masks, a message that has been appreciated by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and WHO Social Media Director Sari Setiogi Griberg. Jimin wore his mask the whole concert and only removed it when he drank anything, according to admirers. He also kept an eye out for his teammates and made sure they were wearing their masks. 

Jimin's encounter with Lizzo has gone viral across multiple platforms. He was always friendly to everyone he met, regardless of who they were. During his contact with Lizzo, he shyly bowed. During the concert, the BTS member failed to catch a sunflower the first time and asked politely along with a bow for one.

Army-BTS Fandoms all over the world went wild over twitter admiring how well mannered the group was. One user said that "Jimin always bows. Doesn't matter when, where or for who. I love his gratitude and politeness

"Jimin is the most respectful and polite person I've ever seen. And he's a superstar who could just think he doesn't need to bother with these things. Shows how down to earth and true to his principles he's remained.

Tbh that's just really really attractive to me "

BTS flew to Los Angeles on November 17th for their concert "Permission to Dance On Stage". It's been the first time ever since the pandemic that they would be conducting a live concert. The concert would last for four nights. The phenomenal boy band would be appearing on the Late Late Show with James Corden on November 23rd.

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