Rick Allen of "Def Leppard" has been playing drums without his left arm after his 1984 accident. However, he recently revealed that he could've lost both arms at the time of his healing process.

In an interview with Joe Rock, Allen said not many people know that he almost lost his right arm when he was in the hospital.

The drummer said his right arm was broken "really badly," and doctors told him, "There's a chance that you may lose your right arm as well." (watch the full interview below)

However, there was a ray of hope for the musician as he said he could get through the horrible accident. He revealed that the infection got out of his system, and doctors were able to fix the bone in his arm.

"you can imagine I was so grateful," he said.

To make the most out of his right arm, Allen expressed himself in many ways aside from music. He said he delved into the world of art as he started painting in recent years.

In his artwork, Allen put his handprint because it is a "sign of gratitude."

"from drumming to the artwork and, obviously, everything that I do. So it's pretty symbolic. It's the only one I've got, but I'm really blessed to have it," he added. (via 101.5 WPDH)

Looking back at his experience, he said he came out of it stronger, and he "grew a lot as a person."

In addition, he considers the incident as an odd "blessing" because it made him a better person."

When he's not performing for "Def Leppard," Allen spends his time in galleries and exhibitions to showcase his artworks.

His artist portfolio can be seen on his official website, where he also sells accessories.

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Rick Allen's 1984 Car Crash

According to Fox News, the famed drummer was driving his Corvette on New Year's Eve of 1984. However, it ended up in a devastating car crash.

The musician explained that he was thrown through the sunroof of his vehicle when the car flipped. His belt came undone, which caused his arm to get stuck inside, meaning his body was thrown out while his left arm remained inside.

Through his determination, Allen was able to continue drumming for the band despite losing his arm.

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