It seems like Adrian Young won't be playing the drums for "No Doubt" anytime soon, as he reportedly suffered from a severe injury over the weekend that left his hand bleeding.

According to TMZ, the famed drummer suffered an injury at his home while preparing food. Per insiders familiar with the situation, Young held a glass in his hand, then he tripped.

The glass then shattered in his palm, causing it to have major cuts. The outlet said the injury was deep as two pieces of glass were stuck inside. After the incident, he was taken to the emergency room.

The drummer recently took to his Instagram account to share the photo of the aftermath, writing, "Hi, well had an accident last night and there are two large pieces of glass embedded in the palm of my hand. Gonna have surgery to remove today good times." (check out the photo below)

Despite him going to the hospital immediately after the accident, the outlet said doctors couldn't get the glass out of his hand.

The drummer was recommended to undergo surgery to remove the shards. Young is reportedly preparing for a minor procedure.

Insiders said Young hopes to get back to work soon. At the time of this writing, it's unclear how long he needed to recover from his injuries.

Fans Are Worried!

After Adrian Young posted the photo on his social media account, many fans rallied to the comment section to send their support as he recovered from his injury.

"A drummers nightmare Sending positive vibes," one wrote.

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"Aw, buddy no!! Here's to hoping the rest of you is in better condition," another one wrote.

"Broooooo.....nooooooo....omgoodness, aww man, that sucks. My prayers your way, let me know if you need anything or some CBD to help with the pain, I got you bro! One love," one commented.

Is 'No Doubt' Having a Reunion Soon?

As Gwen Stefani continued her solo career, Adrian Young, along with Tom Dumont and Tony Kanal, formed a group in 2016 called "Dreamcar."

Since "No Doubt" will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year, Apple Music's Zane Lowe asked Stefani earlier this year if a reunion would be possible.

However, the singer didn't give a clear answer as she was unsure of their future.

"For sure, surreal to think that that happened so long ago. I have no idea what the future holds with that. [Do] you know what I mean? It's impossible," she said. (via Alt Press)

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