May 19, 2019 / 3:24 AM

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Grimes Irritates Ibiza With Playlist Including Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey and Daddy Yankee


Ibiza is renowned as perhaps the world capitol for electronic music, so that's a heck of a place for Grimes to make her debut as a disc jockey. The Vancouver-based musician has plenty of experience with electronic elements, including her acclaimed 2012 album "Visions," so fans probably something equally as dream pop/darkwave. That's not what they got.

Grimes' choice of tracks for the dance floor ranged from mundane to bizarre. On the mundane end of things, she played Daddy Yankee's "Gasolina," a track frequently turned to at clubs, but club-goers at the Boiler Room clearly wanted something else a little more creative. The creativity hit a low with the Vengaboys' "We're Going To Ibiza," but then it piqued with some original song choices. Taylor Swift received a spin, as did Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas."

The partiers on the floor were not amused, and left the dancing area. Which was apparently what Grimes was playing at the entire time.

"Pissing off all Djs by playing t swift on boiler room tune in!" she tweeted during the event.

A video stream of her set was available online as she DJ'd, and her methodology drew criticism from more uptight jockeys. Grimes opted to simply plug in her iPod versus using vinyl records or decks. "I don't think there is a dj rule book," she responded.

It seems that Grimes was trying to rattle her listeners with her Ibiza set, but she made clear that she wasn't trying to make them laugh. Her last message set this straight.

"I will leave it at this: nothing about anything i do is ironic."

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