• Melissa Etheridge

    Melissa Etheridge Talks Tour with Blondie, Joan Jett, New Los Angeles Live DVD in Music Times Exclusive

    Melissa Etheridge is about to release a tribute to her last tour with the new live DVD 'A Little Bit of Me: Live in L.A.' while simultaneously preparing for her next gig, a co-headlining run with Blondie that will bring also Joan Jett into the fold for a few shows. Music Times had the chat with the Grammy/Oscar-winner while she prepped for the upcoming tour...we found her favorite Los Angeles venues, what city's audiences trumps even her hometown crowd, as well as being a Debbie Harry-fangirl during high school.
  • Joakin Brodén of Sabaton

    Sabaton's Joakim Brodén Talks History, Digital Radio and Inevitable 'Nazi' Name-Calling [Exclusive]

    Many power metal bands prefer to linger in the fantastic world of Tolkien and Dungeons & Dragons when they write battle songs, but Sweden's Sabaton prefers to focus on actual, historical warfare. Vocalist Joakim Brodén took a break at last weekend's Rock on The Range Festval to discuss his band's focus on history and the backlash that comes with it...not to mention his thoughts on the American microbrewery scene.
  • David Williams (left) and Jeremy DePoyster of The Devil Wears Prada.

    The Devil Wears Prada Talks 'Zombie' Tour, Chris Rubey Departure, Cheating on Your Hometown [EXCLUSIVE]

    The Devil Wears Prada just finished a tour revisiting its acclaimed 'Zombie' EP (which we figured out too late) and now the Dayton metalcore band is finally getting around to playing Rock on The Range, the country's largest rock festival that takes place right up the road from the band's hometown. Members Jeremy DePoyster and Daniel Williams discuss the band's new 'Space' EP, moving forward without guitarist Chris Rubey, and the adjective-driven warzone that is metal music.
  • Tech N9ne, the new king of rock 'n' roll.

    Tech N9ne on 'Special Effects' Guest List, Hard Interjections and Planned Pusha T Collaboration [EXCLUSIVE]

    Tech N9ne is having a good year, recently eclipsing his best sales week ever with new album 'Special Effects' and now headlining the Ernie Ball stage at Rock on The Range in Columbus, OH. The emcee sat it with Music Times to discuss the new album, breaking through to rock fans (and hip-hop fans), stealing drummers from his former tour partners, and also hinting at a Pusha T collaboration to come...hopefully sooner than later.
  • Benjamin Burnley of Breaking Benjamin

    Breaking Benjamin Talks "Failure," Leeches and Covering Weezer with Music Times [EXCLUSIVE]

    Music Times had the chance to chat with rockers Breaking Benjamin about its new lineup and new album Dark Before Dawn (available June 23) at the Rock On The Range festival this weekend. We tried not to Saturate (see what we did there?) the conversation with questions aimed specifically at frontman Benjamin Burnley but things swing that way anyhow. He and his bandmates discussed current single "Failure," leeches, covering Weezer and Ed Wood movies.
  • Meghann Wright

    Interview: Meghann Wright on Making It as a Musician, Warped Tour & her New Album 'Nothing Left to Lose'

    It's hard out there for career musicians, and that's something that singer-songwriter Meghann Wright knows all to well. A bluesy rocker from New York by way of every other genre on the planet and Hawaii, Wright knows the struggle is real. From the pain and passion in her lyricism to her musician community The City and The Heart, Wright is looking to alleviate the hardships of the world for those around her.
  • Sharon Robinson

    Sharon Robinson Discusses Solo Album 'Caffeine,' Leonard Cohen, and Starbucks Coffee [EXCLUSIVE CONTEST]

    Sharon Robinson has been in the music industry for a long time, songwriting for and performing with Leonard Cohen primarily, as well as Diana Ross, Patti LaBelle, Don Henley, Michael Bolton and others. It's only in the last decade that she's gotten around to building a solo portfolio however, which she adds to with 'Caffeine,' her 2015 release. She joined Music Times to discuss the big issues—ranging from unleashing yourself as a solo performer, to the positives and negatives of Starbucks coffee.
  • Alan Doyle

    Alan Doyle Talks Russell Crowe, Van Halen and New Album 'So Let's Go' with Music Times [EXCLUSIVE]

    Alan Doyle often gets associated with Russell Crowe as a musician (he's contributed to several of the Australian's bands) and as an actor (where he's appeared in Robin Hood and other projects). Give the guy a break: Doyle's had a 20-year career with Canadian folk rockers Great Big Sea and he's recently launched his second solo album, So Let's Go. He spoke with Music Times about the inspiration behind the title, how he met Crowe under the most Canadian of circumstances and how, if he'd had his way, he'd be shredding in a hair metal band and not singing Newfoundland sea shanties (with no offense meant to sea shanties).
  • Kevin Kerslake attends 'Tribeca Talks: Script And Screen: Real Life' during the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival

    DJ AM Documentary Director Kevin Kerslake [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

    Music video director and documentarian Kevin Kerslake is a fascinating man to talk to. His breadth of knowledge across the industry and fiercely independent mindset, despite working with some of the biggest rock acts of the 1990s, has positioned him into being one of the more respected names in music film. He premiered his new documentary about the tragic life of DJ AM titled "As I AM" two weekends ago during the Tribeca Film Festival and we had the chance to sit down with him for an interview. In our first segment we discussed the film, the life of DJ AM and what is to come for the documentary, including some "mesmerizing" bonus features.
  • Buzzcocks - Official Promo Shot

    Buzzcocks Steve Diggle Talks About the 'Magic' of Making Punk Rock Music for Nearly 4 Decades

    Longtime fans of the punk rock scene are no doubt already familiar with Buzzcocks and their catalog of music which spans 39 amazing years. The band's crazy punk rock energy still helps to draw fans, young and old alike, to their live shows and it doesn't sound like they have any intention of slowing down in the near future. Pete Shelley, Steve Diggle, Chris Remington and Danny Farrant recently released their ninth studio album, The Way. It has already delivered up two singles and the boys have been criss-crossing the Atlantic Ocean in support of their new record.
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