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Interview: Thomas Gold On New Music, Tour, Studio Balance And More

We had the chance to chat with with Thomas Gold before his set on Governors Island about finding the right work balance between touring and being at home producing and the struggle he has faced over the past couple years trying to find that, his ...

Interview: Matoma On Biggie Remix, 'Living The Dream' Tour, Potential Rap Collabs

We had the chance to catch up with Matoma before his set at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival to discuss his fusion of hip-hop and tropical house music, dealing with sudden success and the rigors of touring.

Haley & Michaels 'Giving It All (To You)' Signed Lyrics Giveaway

If there's one thing we love at Music Times, it's music, of course. If there's two things we love, it's music and love. If we had to add a third thing, it would definitely be free stuff. Luckily enough for us (and you), Music Times is partnering with ...

Interview: Albert Hammond Jr On Touring Sober, The Strokes and New Album 'Momentary Masters'

Albert Hammond Jr.'s life is a lot different today than when he first started making music with The Strokes. Now 35 years old, the singer and guitarist is no longer that scrappy kid living a wild life. He's confident, a little jokey and, most ...

On Da Reggae & Soca Tip 2015: Hot 97's Laura Stylez Talks NYC Labor Day Festival

Hot 97's own, Laura Stylez opened up about her excitement for On Da Reggae & Soca Tip 2015 concert on Governors Island in New York City. The radio host opened up about her most memorable Elephant Man moment, past surprise celebrity guests and shares ...

Interview: John Dahlback On "Musical" New Album: "It's Very Different"

We had the chance to talk with John Dahlback before his set at Space New York about his musical family, his forthcoming album, which will be "very wide and broad" and the joys and challanges of owning a record label.

Interview: Party Thieves Talks Flosstradamus, Mako Collaborations, West Point Impact

We had the chance to sit down with Party Thieves for a brief chat after his turnt early afternoon set on the Beach Stage at Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival. We discussed how he became attracted to his love, trap music, some of his new music and his ...

Cape Lion Release New EP 'Corinth,' Talk Inspirations

Swedish electronic pop dup Cape Lion have released their new EP Corinth. The 6-track project brings together a couple previously released singles including "Jennie" and "Called You Mine," which got some traction on blogs and overseas.

Interview: ZZ Ward On Album 'This Means War:' "I Am More Fearless'

We had the chance to chat with ZZ Ward at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival to discuess her upcoming album This Means War, her love of box cakes and life on the road.

Interview: Atlas Genius' Keith Jeffery on New Album 'Inanimate Objects'

Music Times recently caught up with Atlas Genius' Keith Jeffery to talk all things Inanimate Objects, including incorporating the band's high energy live show, bridging the gap between '80s and '90s rock and following up an alt-rock smash.

Interview: The Glitch Mob Talk Beginnings, Cooking, Live Sets

We had the chance to catch up with Ooah from The Glitch Mob to discuss their talent as chefs, how they perform and craft live sets, how the group came to be and much more.

Interview: Matt Jaffe Talks Songwriting, Distractions, Weed & Religion

We had a chance to chat with Matt Jaffe to talk his approach to songwriting, the connection between weed and religion and how The Distractions came together.

Felix Jaehn Isn't Afraid About Being The 'Cheerleader' Guy

We had the chance to chat with German DJ, producer Felix Jaehn about the success he has had with his "Cheerleader" and the pressures that come with it, an upcoming artist album and much more.

Music Times Talks to Peter Wolf about New Solo Work, the J. Geils Band and More

Peter Wolf made a name for himself as the vocalist of the J. Geils Band but he'll be releasing a new solo album in 2016. We caught up with him prior to his more famous band's tour stop at New York's Beacon Theatre, He talked about his music, his art ...

The Physical Network: Word of Mouth Moving Tickets to Bestival, Electric Zoo, More

So you've just started a music festival and you haven't figured out how to inspire fans to come to your event and not the hundreds like it. Enter The Physical Network, a marketing team bent on using your fans to sell tickets to their pals in return ...

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