INTERVIEW: Kevin Kerslake Talks 'As I AM' Ahead Of Tribeca Film Festival Debut

    The story of DJ AM is one of tragedy and loss, while also being a tale of triumph and overcoming adversity. The world famous DJ grew to become one of the biggest names in show business during the 2000s as he electrified the nightlife business with his signature style of DJing that combined different styles of music, expert turntablism and showmanship that was unparalleled in his field. Outside of the DJ booth, DJ AM (real name Adam Goldstein) suffered from drug addition and grew up in tragic circumstances. This is all chronicled in a new documentary about Goldstein by veteran music video and documentarian, Kevin Kerslake. The film titled "As I AM" is being premiered tonight (April 17) at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.
  • Seth Glier 'If I Could Change One Thing' Album Cover

    Seth Glier Talks New Album 'If I Could Change One Thing,' Live Shows, Inpiration, Relationship With Autistic, Non-Verbal Brother & More [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

    Seth Glier, the 26-year-old Grammy-nominated musician, released his newest album If I Could Change One Thing on April 7, premiering it first on Music Times. The Massachusetts native and activist is promoting the album on a tour up and down the East Coast through July. We spoke with Glier ahead of his performance at New York City's Rockwood Music Hall about the inspiration behind his most recent album, his live show and what's next for him. Here's what he had to say:
  • Unity: The Latin Tribute To Michael Jackson Album Cover

    Michael Jackson Hits Get Latin Twist: Tony Succar & Jean Rodriguez Talk 'Unity' Tribute Album, The King of Pop, Salsa Roots & More [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

    Michael Jackson's hit songs take on a Latin flare in Tony Succar's Unity tribute album coming out tomorrow (April 14). The project began in 2011 when Succar launched a Kickstarter campaign after being inspired from a Latin Version of "Thriller" he recorded. Unity features eight other Latin artists alongside Succar, playing some of Jackson's most popular songs, such as "I Want You Back," "Man in the Mirror" and "Smooth Criminal," the lead single off of the album.
  • From Ashes to New

    From Ashes to New's Chris Musser on 'Downfall' EP, Hollywood Undead and Rock on the Range 2015 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

    Chris Musser and the rest of From Ashes to New are making their way back across the country when he checks in with Music Times from Utah. The Lancaster, Pennsylvania, rap/rock crew just finished up a tour with Hollywood Undead. It was a big deal for the young band, which put out its second EP, Downfall, last month, considering Hollywood Undead has found success in the genre since 2008.
  • George Ezra 1

    EXCLUSIVE: British Folk Singer George Ezra Tells The Story Behind The Drunken Night That Landed Him Bloody In Front Of The Ramones

    George Ezra takes us to "Budapest" and back on Wanted on Voyage, his critically acclaimed debut album which quickly shot to the top of the charts in eight different countries and became the UK's third highest selling album in 2014. Now, the 21-year-old Bob Dylan-inspired folk singer from Hertford, England (with a voice far beyond his years) is ready to take the world by storm. Just days before his biggest U.S. performance to date, acting as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, the blue-eyed crooner sat down with Music Times in New York City to chat about writing Wanted on Voyage while on voyage, his bloody run in with Ramones drummer Marky Ramone and the one album he would never leave home without. Enjoy the trip.
  • Andy Kim: It's Decided

    Andy Kim & Kevin Drew Talk 'It's Decided,' Defining Success, Remaking 'Shoot 'Em Up Baby,' And Other Lessons Learned [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

    Andy Kim and Kevin Drew are a seemingly unlikely duo, despite both hailing from Canada. You probably know Kim as the industry veteran who co-wrote the Archies' hit "Sugar, Sugar" and classics like 1974's "Rock Me Gently" and "Shoot 'Em Up Baby." Drew, on the other hand, is best known for his indie music collective Broken Social Scene as well his two solo LP's Spirit If... (2007) and Darlings (2014). The two continually bumped into each other over the years and eventually formed a friendship. From there they decided to make music together. The result, It's Decided, which dropped in February on Drew's label, Arts & Crafts, was a labor of love for the two musicians and marked a new chapter in Kim's story. The album explores the journey of a man who has seen both the ups and the downs in life, but is ultimately at peace with it.
  • Kevin Drew & Andy Kim

    How Andy Kim & Kevin Drew's Collaborative New Album 'It's Decided' Became A Success Story [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

    Andy Kim doesn't waste a heartbeat. If you have the honor to speak with him, it is because he felt you were worth those precious moments. Because that's all we are. That's all time is on this earth. Heartbeats. And we might as well feel something. It's Decided is not only the title of Kim's most recently effort, a collaboration with Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew, but it's also Kim's mantra of sorts.
  • Striking Matches, 'Nothing But the Silence'

    INTERVIEW: Striking Matches Ready to Set Fire to Country World with Debut Album 'Nothing But The Silence'

    Two powerful, blues-inspired country guitarists stand determined, face-to-face as they wage war on silence, creating new music that oozes of twang, chemistry and raw emotion in a way not heard since The Civil Wars. This is Striking Matches. Made up of the Nashville duo of Justin Davis and Sarah Zimmermann, the latest riveting country duo is ready to take their friendly competition into the stratosphere.
  • Bryshere

    Bryshere "Yazz The Greatest" Gray On Playing Rapper Hakeem Lyon on 'Empire' [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

    Bryshere Gray, aka Yazz the Greatest, drip-dropped his way into becoming a household name after landing a plum role on Fox's Empire arguably the hottest show of the new 2015 season. As bad boy rapper Hakeem Lyon, the 21-year-old Phildelphia native dazzles as he vies for his father's (Terrence Howard) attention in a quest to inherit the Empire. When's he's not battling his brother Jamal (Jussie Smollet), Hakeem finds just enough time to woo the ladies: Mainly his much older secret lover played by 44-year-old Naomi Campbell. Here, Gray talks on "conquering" the small screen, filming steamy bathtub scenes with a certain supermodel and what to expect from Season 2 of Empire.
  • Ekaterina Gordeeva - SOI Official Twitter

    Ekaterina Gordeeva Juggles Motherhood with 'Dancing for Joy' in New 'Stars on Ice' Tour

    Figure skaters come and go, some grab titles only to disappear a year or two later. Sometimes the only goal is to win a national title and then to leave the sport altogether. Very few skaters actually find any kind of longevity in the often fickle and extremely competitive sport and even less actually become household names, spending decades on the ice. There is a handful of skaters that are considered figure skating royalty and Ekaterina "Katia" Gordeeva certainly does find herself leading the way.
  • Emily Hearn

    Emily Hearn Talks New Album 'Hourglass,' Bill Murray's Appearance In Her Music Video, Her Upcoming Tour & More; Performs "The Oak Tree" & "Volcano" [WATCH]

    Singer-songwriter Emily Hearn just released her latest album Hourglass this month and will be embarking on a massive North American tour, opening for Tyrone Wells that will take them from coast to coast and everywhere in between. Before she hit the road, we were able to sit down with Emily for a chat about her beginnings in the music industry, what inspired the new album, how Bill Murray ended up in one of her music videos, her favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor (her song "Not Walking Away" was featured in one of their commercials), what it's like touring with her husband, the various milestones she's reached and more. She also treated us to live acoustic performances of her songs "The Oak Tree" and "Volcano."
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