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American Idol 2013 Judges RUMORS: Jennifer Lopez Set To Make Return? FACT: Keith Urban Is Coming Back for Season 13

There is still an air of ambiguity over who will be judging "American Idol" this year, even as the first round of contestant tryouts continue. Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly at least confirmed at the Television Critics Association that country ...

Drake Tour: 'Started From The Bottom' Singer Added to iHeartRadio Festival Lineup

Just when you thought the iHeartRadio Festival couldn't cram any more big names into its lineup, organizers announced that rapper Drake would be joining the show.

'American Idol' 2013: Auditions Draw Nearly 8,000 Participants to Ford Field

Despite dropping ratings and an air of ambiguity surround the show's upcoming thirteenth season, applicants came in droves to try to earn a spot on "American Idol" when tryouts came to Detroit's Ford Field. It was the third session of auditions, with ...

Keith Urban Tour Rumors, New App and 'Ultimate Setlist' Contest

Keith Urban has a new app out there you can get that is all about his career...

Keith Urban Tour Rumors: 'Little Bit of Everything' Songster Begins Fuse Tour in One Week

Keith Urban has a new tour starting called Light the Fuse, and according to the "Little Bit of Everything" songster, the fuse is lit and the world will explode with Urban's music in just one week...

Keith Urban: 'Little Bit of Everything' Not Available Everywhere? Country Star Helps Out Brazilian Who Couldn't Hear His Music

"Little Bit of Everything" songster Keith Urban takes to twitter to help out a Brazilian fan...

Keith Urban Twitter: Congratulates Andy Murray on Wimbledon Win

Andy Murray wins Wimbledon! Novak Djokovic lost to Murray in the final, which allowed Murray to put this win under his belt. On top of the world and no doubt in euphoria, the tennis star can be extra excited to know that American Idol judge Keith ...

Keith Urban Enjoys Fourth Of July: Tour Starts In Two Weeks

Keith Urban is enjoying the Fourth, but he will be back to work soon enough.

Keith Urban TOP 10 Songs on Playlist: A Look Into the Music 'Little Bit Of Everything' Songster Listens to

Keith Urban's playlist exposed, "Little Bit of Everything" songster shows the world his taste in music.

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