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Eagles break world record with largest LP of 'Hotel California'

When the Eagles do it, they do it big. The legendary rock band, with the help of promotional company Pop2Life, has broken a world record... for the world's largest record.

The Dream Center's Night of Dreams Gala

The Dream Center will be holding its 6th annual Night of Dreams Gala, an evening of hope and inspiration, on Wednesday, October 9, 2013. The fundraising event will attract a number of Hollywood Philanthropists and feature an honorary...

Lana Del Rey Reveals Details on Film 'Tropico,' Appears in Promotional Photo Dressed as Virgin Mary

Lana Del Rey has kind of made being mysterious her schtick, and it's certainly working from a public relations perspective. The most recent piece of intrigue came in the form of a tweet and photograph teasing her upcoming short film "Tropico."

Chris Brown Sued by Frank Ocean's Cousin Over Incident In Recording Studio Parking Lot

So perhaps you've heard about Chris Brown's troubles stemming from an alleged July hit-and-run accident, which may result in the R&B star doing prison time for violating his probation. But don't forget about the January incident where Brown and his ...

Chris Brown Suffers Seizure at Recording Studio, Rep Cites 'Unfounded Legal' Issues and 'Nonstop Negativity' For Stress

Chris Brown has been undergoing a number of legal issues, but there may be health problems thrown into the mix as well. The R&B star reportedly suffered a seizure while at a recording studio in Los Angeles on Friday. TMZ reported that the Los Angeles ...

Green Day Did Not Violate Artist's Rights By Using Image As Backdrop for 2009 Tour, Court Rules

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California ruled Wednesday that Green Day did not violate artist Dereck Seltzer's rights when it used an image of his "Scream Icon" during its 2009 tour. A district court in Los Angeles had already ruled in the ...

Chris Brown Jailed For Hit-And-Run Charge, Albeit Only For 45 Minutes or So

Chris Brown was jailed on Monday in relation to an ongoing hit-and-run investigation, but fans of the R&B star shouldn't get too worked up. The performer was out on bail in under 45 minutes. Due to overcrowding in prisons, it's not all that rare for ...

Tamar Braxton 'Love and War' Tour: 'Braxton Family Values' Star Sings Well in Los Angeles, Avoids Crowd Communication

Tamar Braxton is prepping for the release of her upcoming album "Love and War," as well as her upcoming tour opening for John Legend. She began by giving a brief showcase from the album at the Emerson Theater in Los Angeles on Monday night.

Chris Brown Twitter: 'I did everything I was supposed to do,' Pleads Not Guilty to Hit And Run Charge

Chris Brown pleaded not guilty to charges of hit and run on Tuesday in a Los Angeles court. A judge revoked Brown's 2009 probation last week because of the charges, so if Brown is found guilty he could face jail time for the offense.

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