June 24, 2018 / 8:15 PM

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Peyton Manning 'Not Healthy Enough' for Pro Bowl: Future Hall of Fame QB Drops Out

Peyton Manning has been selected to the Pro Bowl 14 times in his career. He has missed three times so he could play in the Super Bowl, but this year marks the first time he has backed out when not playing for the league championship. The reason? A ...

Buffalo Bills Hire Rex Ryan as Head Coach, Prepare for Signature 'Enthusiasm'

Sometimes people fall in love because they are the only ones left at closing time. That seems to be the case for the Buffalo Bills and new head coach Rex Ryan, who reportedly coveted jobs in Atlanta and San Francisco before coming to the realization ...

Dallas Cowboys Lose NFL Playoff Game After Controversial Ruling: Twitter Goes Insane

NFL fans got a huge batch of poetic justice served right before their eyes Sunday afternoon, Jan. 11, when the Dallas Cowboys fell to the Green Bay Packers 26-21. As usual, it was not the fact that they lost, but how they lost that will live on in ...

Peyton Manning to Retire? NFL Legend Considering Ending 17-Year Career

Much has changed for Peyton Manning since Christmas. Days before the 38-year-old future Hall of Fame quarterback helped the Denver Broncos defeat the Oakland Raiders in their final, regular-season game, Manning seemed optimistic about his ...

St. Louis Rams To Los Angeles? Missouri NFL Stadium Planners Hit Back With Stunning Riverfront Proposal

Earlier this week, St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke announced that was and an investment group will be privately financing an 80,000-seat stadium... in Los Angeles. Obviously, the news was worrysome to those intent on keeping the Rams in Missouri.

Super Bowl National Anthem: Blake Shelton Rumored to Be Pre-Game Singer

The final piece of the Super Bowl music puzzle — Who will sing the national anthem? — has yet to be solved, but a recent report from "Hollywood Life" indicates that country star and "The Voice" judge Blake Shelton will do the honors. "The ...

St. Louis Rams Moving To Los Angeles? Owner Reportedly Building LA Stadium

The NFL is finally coming back to Los Angeles, according to a Monday report from the Hollywood Park Land Company. The St. Louis Rams are expected to move to L.A. in time for the 2016 season.

Is Joe Flacco the NFL's Best Quarterback? His Coach Says Yes

Joe Flacco made NFL fans laugh in April 2012 when he announced that he was the best quarterback in the NFL. Up to that point, he had little to back up his assertion besides a handful of playoff wins.

Johnny Manziel is an Alcoholic and a Liar, According to ESPN's Skip Bayless

The sometimes moronic dialogue between Stephen A. Smith and Bayless has made for great television ratings in the past few years, with the premise hinging on the hosts spouting out gobs of ridiculous sentiment.

Lions Vs. Packers: Michigan Bar Offers to Pay All Tabs if Detroit Wins

On Dec. 15, 1991, the Detroit Lions defeated the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin. More than 23 years have passed since then, and the — usually — lousy Lions have not managed to replicate that feat. Detroit's inability to win at Green Bay is ...

Curt Schilling Gives Johnny Manziel Twitter Advice, Hilarity Ensues

The Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, Cleveland Browns rookie Johnny "Football" Manziel, couldn't play his way onto the field for the majority of the season and then completely flopped when he got a chance to prove himself. Former World Series ...

Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Josh Gordon Will Reportedly Lose Millions After New Suspension

Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Josh Gordon missed the first 10 games of this National Football League season thanks to his violation of the association's substance abuse policy. Now, he's been suspended again and this one could cost him millions!

Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre Debate: Which Green Bay Packers Quarterback Is More Generous?

It's been a hot topic of debate amongst Green Bay Packers fans for the past couple years: Who would you rather have under center: Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre?

NFL Fines Marshawn Lynch $11,000 After Crotch Grab Celebration

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch may have reeled off an amazing touchdown run on Sunday night, but he punctuated the play with a gesture that the National Football League is now deeming obscene and they're fining his $11,000.

WATCH: Marshawn Lynch Has Amazing 'Beast Mode' Touchdown Run, Twitter Explodes

Where were you when Beast Mode happened? Most football fans remember the exact spot they stood (or sat) when Marshawn Lynch ran for the touchdown to end all touchdowns in January 2011.

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