June 17, 2018 / 9:38 PM

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Death Grips Share New Song 'More Than the Fairy' Featuring Primus Bassist Les Claypool

Yesterday evening, enigmatic experimental hip-hop trio Death Grips unexpectedly shared a new song online. The cut, “More Than the Fairy,” features Les Claypool of Primus on bass. The new tune follows their just-released fifth album, 'Bottomless ...

Sean Lennon and Les Claypool Join Forces for Single 'Cricket and the Genie'

Two psychedelic masterminds -- Sean Lennon and Les Claypool -- have joined forces to form The Claypool Lennon Delirium , and today the duo released their first single, "Cricket and the Genie."

Les Claypool Is Still Obsessed With Willy Wonka, Talks Changing Drummers

If their new album Primus and the Chocolate Factory didn't clue you in to his obsession, Claypool has discussed the film in almost every interview he's done this year.

Primus Offers Golden Vinyl Version of New 'Willy Wonka'-Inspired Album, with Free Concert Entry for Life to The Five Winners

Primus has already generated plenty of publicity (or about as much publicity as a band like Primus can generate) for its forthcoming album Primus and the Chocolate Factory With the Fungi Ensemble. As you can guess, the album will take much of its ...

'Primus and the Chocolate Factory': There's One Person Les Claypool Hopes Doesn't Hate the New Album

The decision to create an entire concept album based on "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" was not a hasty one. The project began as a cover of one song — "Candy Man" — and mushroomed into a New Year's show theme before becoming "Primus and ...

Primus Release 'Golden Ticket' From Forthcoming Willy Wonka Album [LISTEN]

Primus gave the world their creepy cover of "Pure Imagination" last month, and now they've dipped back into the cookie jar to release another cut from Primus & The Chocolate Factory (due Oct. 21).

7 Artists Influenced By The Simpsons: Fall Out Boy, Les Claypool, And More

To celebrate FXX's massive "Every Simpsons Ever" marathon, which I will be watching as much of as I possibly can, I've compiled a list of some artists who have been influenced by The Simpsons in some way, whether it's through their band name, a song ...

Woodstock 45th Anniversary: Santana, Les Claypool Look Back On History

Forty-five years ago this weekend, the Woodstock Festival of 1969 changed the course of American music.

Tool's Danny Carey To Play Drums With Primus On Tour

Though Primus' next album Primus & The Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble is the band's first with drummer Tim 'Herb' Alexander since 1995, his recent heart troubles will force him to sit out some early dates on the band's upcoming tour. To ...

10 Artists Who Have Covered Songs From 'Willy Wonka': Mariah Carey, Sammy Davis, Jr., And More

Earlier this week, Primus announced the release of its next album Primus and the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble, a full-length tribute to the cult classic film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The first track from the album that band ...

Primus Announces 'Willy Wonka'-Themed Album, Shares Cover Of 'Pure Imagination' [LISTEN]

Weirdo funk-metal trio Primus has announced its eighth studio album, a tribute to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory titled Primus and the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble, which will be out on October 21 and is currently available for ...

13 Album Covers That Literally Represent The Title: Led Zeppelin, Rush, And More

Though an album's title and artwork should usually complement one another, it's not often that you see an album title that is pretty much describing the cover itself. Here are thirteen album covers that literally represent the title.

6 Bands Whose Bassist is the Most Famous Member: Pink Floyd, Fall Out Boy, and more

Not to diminish the talents and important role of bassists in any way, but how often is the bassist the most recognizable member of a band? The singer and guitarist get plenty of recognition, but the bassist is usually stuck right outside the ...

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