June 20, 2018 / 7:13 AM

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Frank Ocean Remembers Prince As A 'Vanguard & Genius" On Tumblr

Prince died today, April 21, at the age of 57.

Prince Rants on Twitter About Concert Footage and YouTube Videos

Prince does not like YouTube and has been known to take down fan-shot concert footage. He explained this in a new Twitter rant, but then deleted the tweets.

Prince Readies His Tell-All Memoir 'The Beautiful Ones' for 2017

Prince fans may be anxiously awaiting a new release from the singer and in 2017, he plans to give them exactly what they want. But, it won't be new music that the artist is planning to release, it's a book, a tell-all memoire to be exact, tentatively ...

Prince's Protege Denise Matthews of Vanity 6 Has Died Aged 57

Prince's protege, Vanity--real name, Denise Matthews-- has passed away. The lead singer of the 80s group, Vanity 6, was 57 when she passed away in a California hospital.

Questlove Was Once Fired by Prince -- and He Lived to Tell About It [WATCH]

Today is Questlove's birthday, but the DJ and Roots' drummer, has a gift for us instead. Back in November, Questlove revealed on Twitter that Prince once hired, and then fired, him from a DJ gig, and now the whole story is out.

MIXTAPE MONDAY: Check Out New Songs from Willow Smith, Prince, Pusha T & More

Each and every week we put together our favorite tracks that had premiered a few days prior into one magnificent mixtape to share with you and your friends. This time around we've decided to share new 2015 songs from Willow Smith, Prince, Pusha T and ...

Prince Releases Surprise New Album 'HitnRun: Phase Two' [LISTEN]

The wonderful and amazing Prince is back for the second time this year with a new album! The album titled, HITnRUN Phase Two, is the follow up to his September release, HITnRUN Phase One. And as you can already imagine, it is perfect.

Video Resurfaces of Prince Covering Radiohead's 'Creep' at Coachella 2008 [WATCH]

During his headlining set at 2008's Coachella, Prince gave audience members quite the surprise when he delivered a cover of Radiohead's popularized 'Pablo Honey' track, "Creep." The fans who attended the festival have been the only ones to enjoy the ...

Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne & Prince Headline Tidal X Concert, Ticket Prices Soar

Jay-Z's newly launched global streaming service, Tidal, hit 1 million subscribers last month. ...

Jay-Z Announces Tidal Charity Concert With Beyonce, Prince, Usher and More in Brooklyn

When Jay-Z celebrates his success he goes big, and invites everyone to join. After tweeting about Tidal going platinum he then announced a charity concert event Tidal X: 1020. The event will be featuring a plethora of musicians from different genres, ...

Prince's Album 'HITNRUN' no Longer a Tidal Exclusive, Technically

No, you can't stream Prince's 'HITNRUN' anywhere but Tidal. Sorry Spotify fans. However, now you can purchase the physical CD directly from Jay Z's streaming service or one of the more established digital marketplaces such as Amazon or iTunes.

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