Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day

10 Artists Who Paid Tribute To Their Parents In Their Music: Green Day, Pink Floyd, And More

Buzz 15:36PM EDT

Today, indie folk singer Sufjan Stevens announced the release of a new album Carrie & Lowell, which is named after his mother and stepfather and features a photograph of the two on the front cover. After all that rock music has done to encourage people to disobey their parents, it's honestly refreshing to see Stevens pay tribute to his parents this way, but he's far from the only rock artist who has done this. Here are 10 artists who have paid tribute to their parents in their music, either with one song or with entire albums.READ MORE

Lauryn Hill

8 Artists Who Are Taking Too Long To Release New Albums: Dr. Dre, Lauryn Hill And More

Buzz 21:51PM EDT

This has been a pretty exciting couple of days for fans of both Modest Mouse and D'Angelo, with both artists announcing their first new albums in quite some time (Modest Mouse's last album came out in 2007, while D'Angelo's was 2000). Now that these two artists have finally decided to release some new music, here are eight more artists that have been taking far too long to put out new albums.READ MORE

Slayer -

13 Best Albums To Play on Halloween: Black Sabbath, Slayer and More

Buzz 20:58PM EDT

Halloween is coming up this Friday (in case you forgot), so if you're looking for some spooky music to play at your Halloween party, or just something to play around the house that night for some atmosphere, check out these 13 albums.READ MORE

Simon & Garfunkel -

6 Artists Whose Final Albums Were Their Best: Simon & Garfunkel, Nirvana, And More

Exclusives 09:16AM EDT

You'd think that after releasing an incredible, critically acclaimed album, an artist would have more of an incentive to continue along the same path. For one reason or another, however, these six artists closed out their careers on their best album.READ MORE

Television -

10 Great Artists Known For Just One Album: Television, Nas, And More

Exclusives 17:48PM EDT

Most artists have one album that's generally regarded as their best, but sometimes these albums are so incredible and obviously superior that the rest of the artist's discography becomes overshadowed. Here are ten great artists who are known for just one album.READ MORE

Bon Iver -

9 Albums With A Theme In Their Song Titles: Radiohead, Bon Iver, and more

Exclusives 14:53PM EDT

Many albums are written with themes or concepts that run through all of the songs, but some artists chose to place their themes right into the song titles. Here are nine albums with a theme in their song titles.READ MORE

Nirvana -

6 Albums Released Shortly After The Band Split: The Beatles, Nirvana, And More

Exclusives 20:46PM EDT

Though it takes just months (and sometimes weeks) to release an album after it's been recorded, that's plenty of time for a band to completely implode. Here are six albums that were released shortly after the band split up.READ MORE

5 Musicians Who Nearly Joined Other Bands: Kurt Cobain, Elton John, And More

Exclusives 18:08PM EDT

Rock history is littered with millions of "what if" scenarios. What if Jimi Hendrix was still alive? What if Jimmy Page had actually started that band with Keith Moon? Here are five more "what if" scenarios: five musicians who nearly joined other bands.READ MORE

Ian MacKaye & Henry Rollins

6 Pairs of Artists Who Were Childhood Friends: Daft Punk & Phoenix, Ian MacKaye & Henry Rollins, and more

Exclusives 22:41PM EDT

Musicians often become friends through their professional lives, whether they're recording together or playing together, but some famous musicians were actually friends back before they ever became famous. Here are six pairs of artists who were childhood friends.READ MORE

5 Artists with Unexpected Senses of Humor: Jeff Buckley, Nirvana, and more

Exclusives 18:42PM EDT

Plenty of artists play types of music that allow room for humor and silliness. Because the Beatles wrote light, fun songs, it wasn't so surprising when they would joke around in interviews and make hilarious movies like A Hard Day's Night. However, some artists project such a solemn image through their music that it's hard to imagine them ever laughing about anything, such as these five artists.READ MORE

Radiohead -

6 Incredible Songs That Took Lyrics from Other Songs: Radiohead, The White Stripes, and more

Exclusives 15:49PM EDT

There's a very fine line between homage and plagiarism, but these six artists walked that line masterfully when writing the lyrics to these songs. Here are six incredible songs that took lyrics from other songs.READ MORE

Slint's Brian McMahan

Concert Review: Slint at the Bowery Ballroom [May 4, 2014]

Reviews 12:16PM EDT

Nobody checked my ticket last night at the Bowery Ballroom. I held mine out at the front entrance, but the people there were just checking IDs and giving out 21+ wristbands. At the entrance to the bar, where the tickets were actually being scanned, I simply walked right in without anyone seeing me or telling me what to do. So even though I had a ticket, I could have easily snuck into the Bowery Ballroom last night to see Slint.READ MORE

The Band -

6 Bands That Were Backing Bands for Other Artists: The Eagles, the Band, and more

Exclusives 15:21PM EDT

The ideal career for most bands it to achieve success by playing their own songs, but some bands have very successfully performed as backing bands for other well-known artists. Here are six bands who did just that.READ MORE

Big Star

5 Bands Who Only Got Famous After Breaking Up: The Velvet Underground, Big Star, Slint and more

Exclusives 12:25PM EDT

Thousands of bands form every year, but unfortunately most of them don't ever achieve significant commercial success.These five bands, however, somehow managed to achieve their greatest popularity only after they had broken up.READ MORE

Blur -

7 Great Songs with Spoken Word Lyrics: Blur, Tom Waits, and more

Exclusives 14:46PM EDT

There are countless lyrics that sound totally idiotic when spoken instead of sung, but sometimes a songwriter will come up with some lyrics that can’t really be pinned onto to a melody. Here are seven great songs with spoken word lyrics.READ MORE

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