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Is Amal Clooney Really the Most Fascinating Person of 2014?

Off-Key 15:15PM EDT

Barbara Walters rolled out her list of "Most Fascinating People of 2014" last night, Dec. 14, and as usual there were some names on the list that were predictable. Of course, Taylor Swift made the cut after a bang-up year that saw her popularity rise even without a new guy on her arm. Names like Oprah Winfrey and Chelsea Handler were also fairly expected, but the name at the top of the list may not have been on the tip of many peoples's tongues. Amal Clooney, the woman who managed to change George Clooney's mind on just about every single thing he thought he wanted in his personal life, was named Walters's Most Fascinating Person of 2014. When it came time to introduce Clooney as her top selection, even Walters was not sure what to say. Sure, she is married to a famous man who is powerful in Hollywood, but Amal Clooney is a big deal in her own right. Her work as a human right's attorney has been praised by nearly everyone who has ever had an opportunity to work with Clooney. Declaring her fascinating just because of the man she married would have been almost a slap in the face, so Walters tread carefully.READ MORE

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Bill Cosby's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Vandalized with Graffiti - LAPD Begins Investigation Starting at Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion

Off-Key 17:29PM EDT

It seems like not a day goes by when we aren't hearing some new nugget about the ongoing accusations of sexual misconduct against Bill Cosby. Just yesterday, we learned that Judy Huth, the woman who alleges that Cosby molested her when she was only 15 years old back in 1974, actually went and filed a police report. While the statute of limitations in her case may ultimately be up, what this does is open the door for a full investigation, something that the LAPD is ready to do, hopefully starting with some help from Hugh Hefner.READ MORE

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Australian Cricketer Phil Hughes Dies After Being Hit In the Head in Freak Accident

Off-Key 10:59AM EDT

t's a sad day in the sports world as it has been confirmed that 25-year old Phil Hughes, an Australian Cricketer has succumbed to a head injury that occurred during a match two days ago. Hughes was fatally injured when hit by a "bouncer," a short ball that bounces up towards the batsman's torso, near his left ear. The ball somehow managed to hit Hughes at the top of his neck, in spite of his helmet because he just so happened to swivel at that moment. Hughes suffered a massive bleed to his brain almost instantly and never recovered from a medically induced coma.READ MORE

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Afton Burton's Mother Will Not Attend Daughter's Jailhouse Wedding to Charles Manson

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Charles Manson has been in the news this week, and for once it has nothing to do with his case. In fact, he is not even eligible for parole again until 2027, and by then he will be 97. That has not stopped 26-year-old Afton "Star" Burton from deciding to marry him, though. Not only did she apply for a marriage license on their behalf earlier this month, according to CNN, but she has considered herself Manson's wife for years. Burton left her home in Illinois at 19 in order to live in Corcoran, California, where Manson is incarcerated following his conviction in masterminding a mass murder that left seven dead in 1969. She currently runs several websites in support of Manson's innocence. According to Burton's mother, Melissa Burton, the couple appears to love each other and they do take care of each other. She claims Manson's work from behind bars with environmental issues is what drew her daughter to him in the first place. Melissa believes her daughter is smart and, after growing to love Manson, is following her heart. That does not mean Melissa has any intention of attending her daughter's wedding, though. Under California prison rules, up to 10 people from the outside world can be present for the jailhouse nuptials, but she will not be one of them. No official date has been set yet and Burton has confirmed they will need to marry on a regular visitation day.READ MORE

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St. Louis Cardinal's Phenom Oscar Taveras Killed In A Car Accident

Off-Key 09:49AM EDT

Sad news this morning for MLB fans as it has been confirmed that 22-year old Oscar Tavares was killed in a car accident in the Dominican Republic on Sunday. Taveras was driving a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro on a highway between the beaches of Sosua and Cabarete in Puerto Plata, about 215 miles north of the capital of Santo Domingo, at the time of the crash. Col. Diego Pesqueira of the Metropolitan Transportation Agency confirmed, "He wasn't carrying documents at the time of the accident, but his body was identified by family members."READ MORE

John Denver received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame recently

John Denver Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Buzz 14:17PM EDT

Seventeen years after his death, John Denver has joined some of the world's greatest entertainers on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.READ MORE

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