It seems as though Britney Spears will be staying put in Las Vegas. After rumors circulated last week that Spears was close to resigning with Planet Hollywood for two more years of her Piece Of Me show, the "Perfume" singer confirmed the deal herself in a new U.K. interview.

When talking with Good Morning Britain (via Digital Spy) Spears was asked if she would be signing to Planet Hollywood for another two years and she admitted that she had extended her contract. "Yes, yes. I'm very excited," she said, before explaining how going on the road was a much more difficult task and not something she could see herself doing right now.

"The way I used to travel all around the world and do a different show every night, I'm like, 'How did I do it?" she said. "Promotion is a different story, and going to a different city every day, like what I'm doing now, it's really hard. But being based in Vegas and having one show that you just keep going back to, the consistency of that is really grounding and really cool."

Spears own admission of a second Piece of Me extension follows reports that she was closed to "signed contract status" with Planet Hollywood. Spears is now reported to be tied to her Vegas show through 2017.

The two-year extension is not the first time Spears' time in Vegas has been elongated. She has already renewed her contract to perform through February 2015.

Spears is currently on tour in Europe, promoting her new lingerie line The Intimates Collection. She will return to Vegas on Oct. 3.

Check out her full schedule below:

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